Recent entries: Society/Culture War

Universities Specialize in Sizzling Sex! (08/7/2013)
Obama’s Change – A Brand of Evil (07/3/2013)
Re-Emergence of Eugenics (02/17/2013)
The Ignorance of Anti-human David Attenborough (02/2/2013)
Anti-Nativity Scrooges Selective In What Gods They Toss Out Into The Cold (12/23/2012)
America in Need of Revival (12/23/2012)
Leftist Factions Co-opt Rather Than Abolish Holidays (12/18/2011)
Topeka, Kansas, Unified School District 501 Places Sexual Deviancy on Its Curriculum (11/27/2011)
The True Killers of School Spirit: Notre Dame and the Whining IrishThe True Killers of School Spirit (10/30/2011)
Erasing All Traces of Christianity-BC & AD Now BCE & CE! (10/15/2011)
‘Was An Innocent Man Executed Tonight?’ (09/22/2011)
Obama’s New Bus to Throw America Under (08/20/2011)
Searching for Intelligent Life—Jerry Newcombe Grasps Keyboard for Take on London Riots (08/14/2011)
Addictions (08/14/2011)
Flash Mobs: Being Young, Black, and Male in America Today (08/11/2011)
Taxpayers Fund Occult Teachings in Charter Schools! (08/7/2011)
By 2030 Population to Start Dropping Like a Rock (06/4/2011)
Last Rites for Richmond Gambling Rights (04/9/2011)
Charlie Sheen: Typical Addict (03/9/2011)
Bombshell Strikes “Hunted Child” Launch!! (03/4/2011)
Wrestling with Morality: Boys vs. Girls on the Mat (02/28/2011)
Controversial “Hunted Child” Series Launched (02/27/2011)
Calfornia Pastor Blasts Phelps Family “Church” (01/16/2011)
The do’s and don’ts of Sheriff Dupnik: Another ploy to silence conservatives (01/12/2011)
Tweets Regarding The Arizona Shooting Tragedy (01/11/2011)
People Do Need People (01/7/2011)
Bob & Geri Boyd Award Recipents (01/2/2011)
Surprising Participant in Christmas Wars! (12/12/2010)
Salvation Army Bells Deemed Offensive (12/8/2010)
Woe Is Me! (11/29/2010)
The Atrocity of Another Black/White Civil War (11/28/2010)
America’s Bread And Circus Society (11/10/2010)
Stewart and Colbert: Laughing with the left until it hurts (11/7/2010)
America’s Moral Implosion (10/26/2010)
Westboro Baptist Church and the Ten-Mile Proposition (10/17/2010)

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