Recent entries: Immigration/Border

Analyzing The Open-Border Mentality (02/4/2011)
New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez: U.S. Patriot, “Wise Latina” (02/2/2011)
DREAM Act faces dim future in House, but… (12/31/2010)
Dream Act mutating America out of itself (12/21/2010)
A Christmas Blessing from U.S. Senate: DREAM Act Defeated! (12/19/2010)
Border Patrol agent murdered in Arizona (12/16/2010)
Relationship between legal versus illegal immigration (12/8/2010)
Of Luis Gutierrez, the “Latino Revolt,” and Tequila (12/5/2010)
“The Dream Act” = Amnesty For Illegal Aliens (12/1/2010)
The Tremendous Dangers of the Dream Act (11/26/2010)
Face of the Enemy (11/13/2010)
Border “virtual fence” project a costly failure (11/10/2010)
Plunging America into immigrant overload from Africa, Asia, South America (10/23/2010)
“Utter Failure” of Cultural Diversity: A Bitter Truth Here in America! (10/22/2010)
‘The Borders Are More Secure.  Where???’ (10/17/2010)
Secretary Napolitano misleads public about immigration, says watchdog group (10/13/2010)
Immigration’s Ultimate Destination (10/11/2010)
Illegal Aliens: 90 Day Solution (10/8/2010)
‘How Many U.S. Citizens Would Refuse Work that Paid $23 an Hour?’ (10/5/2010)
Senator Reid’s DREAM Act (09/20/2010)
Our Undeclared War (09/19/2010)
Obama to Bring Back Amnesty for Illegal Aliens—SOON (09/17/2010)
Senators Support Illegal Immigration Super Highway (09/12/2010)
Mexico, Bloody Mexico (08/22/2010)
Border Patrol joins ICE agents in condemning Obama administration (08/19/2010)
The Real Solution to Anchor-baby boom (08/14/2010)
Citizens Furious About All Forms of Immigration (08/11/2010)
One More for the Road (08/8/2010)
Arizona won’t back down from Obama and illegal aliens, say officials (08/5/2010)
The United States, 2010: A Rogue Government (07/30/2010)
Clinton judge rules against Arizona immigration law (07/29/2010)
Arizona’s Fight is Our Fight (07/28/2010)
‘Think SB 1070 Is Racist, Oppressive? So, How Do Illegals South of Border Fare?’ (07/28/2010)
America’s Future: Squalor, Superstitions and Fatalistic Sloth (07/28/2010)
Great News from Arizona: Illegal Aliens Say Adios, Americans Say Gracias! (07/26/2010)

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