Recent entries: Immigration/Border

White House Has ‘Peculiar’ Justification for Illegal Immigration (08/7/2013)
DC to Legalize Rape Soon (08/7/2013)
A Road Paved With “Good Intentions” (07/20/2013)
Passage of the Amnesty Bill Will Spell the End of Our Republic (07/3/2013)
Amnesty: Danger, Danger, Will Robinson! Calling All Tea Partiers! (07/3/2013)
Immigration-linguistic equation to Amnesty bill S744 (05/27/2013)
Obama, Marco Rubio, Cesar Conda, and George Soros (05/27/2013)
Ominous Reality Behind Obama’s “Dream” Of Amnesty (05/12/2013)
Amnesty: $6.3 Trillion (05/12/2013)
Ann Coulter and Illegal Aliens (03/26/2013)
Blacks versus Illegal Aliens (03/19/2013)
Five harsh realities about mass immigration facing Americans (03/3/2013)
Americans don’t want blanket amnesty for illegal aliens (02/17/2013)
The Gang of Eight Immigration Constituency (02/10/2013)
Obama to drastically cut immigration and border security budgets (02/10/2013)
Illegal Aliens Already Have a Country:  Mexico (02/10/2013)
Time to Deport Newt Gingrich! (11/26/2011)
Obama’s DoJ sues South Carolina over new immigration law (11/2/2011)
Bogus deportation statistics released by Obama, say lawmakers (10/19/2011)
Immigration, Migration, Politics and Policies (10/16/2011)
Rick Perry’s not so honest run for the White House (10/12/2011)
‘How much more immigration can America tolerate?’ (10/8/2011)
Learning from Perry’s Implosion: Pandering to Illegal Aliens a Losing Strategy (10/5/2011)
Congressman demands investigation of Obama’s “Uncle Omar” (09/17/2011)
Government Gunrunners (09/1/2011)
How you can prevent Obama from giving mass amnesty (08/23/2011)
Benefit Most (08/22/2011)
Rick Perry: “Undocumented” Liberal! (08/21/2011)
California: The Titanic of immigration (08/20/2011)
Open Letter to “Super Committee”: Deport Illegal Aliens & Cut Deficit by More Than $1 Trillion O (08/14/2011)
‘Why Does the Word “Illegal” Baffle Liberals So Completely? ’ (06/1/2011)
Language, culture and country (05/16/2011)
Read Our Lips: No New Amnesty! (05/15/2011)
Importing Disaster: Demographic Changes Mean Democrat Future (04/30/2011)
Political Leanings from GMA (02/9/2011)

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