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Cheap Energy: A human right for the public good (07/3/2013)
Expensive electricity’s hidden costs include more than just the economic impacts (02/3/2013)
We need it here: the O’Reilly factor (10/3/2012)
It’s all about energy, cost, and international competition (11/15/2011)
Salazar’s new order contradicts his 2010 order (11/8/2011)
Permitting access to domestic resources creates jobs (11/2/2011)
‘Why resort to shenanigans and corruption to make green energy a reality?’ (10/25/2011)
‘Will Renewable Energy Bankrupt England?’ (10/15/2011)
‘What the frack is going on here?’ (10/2/2011)
‘President Obama’s jobs plan—silly or sinister?’ (09/27/2011)
What Obama could say in his speech that would really turn the economy around (09/8/2011)
‘Could She Keep Her $2 Gas Promise?’ (09/5/2011)
Our least sustainable energy option (09/3/2011)
Irene brings the importance of energy to light (08/30/2011)
Spreading “Big Oil subsidy” disinformation (08/28/2011)
A Bad Week for Obama’s Policies (08/20/2011)
A Declaration of Energy Independence (05/15/2011)
Cutting “subsidies” to big oil is political slight of hand (05/7/2011)
‘What would happen if the United States Stopped Importing Oil?’ (04/30/2011)
Fears and facts (04/12/2011)
Spendy energy future is no joke (04/3/2011)
Welcome to the Third World (03/13/2011)
The silent killer of America’s economy (03/13/2011)
Wind power: questionable benefits, concealed impacts (03/1/2011)
Political gumption and gasoline prices (02/25/2011)
Political pressure to fix energy problems of the future (02/11/2011)
Energy industry: encouragement, not punishment (02/2/2011)
Hot Air From The Unsustainable Wind-Energy Industry (12/12/2010)
Oil Drilling Moratorium is an Act of Treason (12/2/2010)
‘A new dark age for Germany?’ (12/2/2010)
Windmills Literally Blowing in the Wind (08/1/2010)
Get Ready to be Outraged (07/5/2010)
BP and the Unmitigated Disaster (06/20/2010)
Oil Spill in Gulf may be Godsend after All (06/18/2010)
Obama Asks America to Commit Suicide (06/16/2010)

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