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Libya’s Sharia law announcement ignored by Obama and Clinton (10/26/2011)
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Israel’s Terrible Choices (09/4/2011)
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Obama-Netanyahu speak about Israeli counterterrorism measures (08/14/2011)
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood con job fooling U.S. officials (06/21/2011)
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Ruminations Regarding Libya (04/17/2011)
Top Ten Reasons the Libyan War is Insane (04/3/2011)
‘Really?  Libya?  WHY?’ (03/29/2011)
Saudi and Kuwaiti royalty attempt to buy loyalty (03/24/2011)
Hamas rocket attacks on Israel go practically unnoticed (03/22/2011)
Obama Dithered, People Withered (03/20/2011)
‘Why Make War, If Peaceful Protests Can Work Instead?’ (03/13/2011)
Obama Takes a Stand on Libya (02/25/2011)
Futility Of Middle East Efforts At “Democracy” (02/25/2011)
Armstrong Williams Duped By Egyptian Hooligans (02/15/2011)
It’s All Hillary’s Fault (02/13/2011)
‘Reelection Slogan for Obama & Co:  We Bring Down Governments?’ (02/11/2011)
Soros-funded “Expert” Defends Muslim Brotherhood on Matthews Show (02/4/2011)
The Middle East, The World, at a Crossroads (02/2/2011)
Waiting and Watching Egypt (01/31/2011)
Crisis in Egypt and the Official Demise of American Exceptionalism (01/31/2011)
Crucial Mid-East Questions (01/31/2011)
Hamas puppetmasters? Palestinians push Obama, Clinton to “bully” Israelis (12/15/2010)
Helen Thomas to be Honored by Arab Group Raided by FBI (11/26/2010)
The Ground Zero Mosque & The War of Ideas (08/27/2010)
Hating Jews (07/5/2010)
Awaiting Armageddon (06/13/2010)
“Jew Hating” Alive and Well in Europe and AMERICA! (06/9/2010)

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