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Midterm Elections 2010:  Marxists vs. Americans (08/9/2010)
Obama Fiddles (08/9/2010)
The Fix is In (08/2/2010)
The People Versus the Government (08/1/2010)
‘Will Obama “Persuade” Americans their Slavery is Inevitable?’ (08/1/2010)
Nothing is normal in our country anymore (07/30/2010)
Real America Did Not Sue Arizona (07/29/2010)
Obama Doesn’t Want America’s Recovery (07/26/2010)
Obama, The Nation Killer (07/25/2010)
America:  From “SNAFU” To “FUBAR” (07/22/2010)
Ridding Ourselves of Obama (07/18/2010)
Exactly What “Mess” Did Your Policies Save Us from, Mr. President? (07/18/2010)
Obama And Holder Weaponize American “Justice” (07/15/2010)
Violence in American Politics Increases (07/13/2010)
Profound Trouble Ahead (07/12/2010)
Obama Plays the Race Card (07/11/2010)
Justice Department Whistleblower Ignored by News Media (07/11/2010)
Holder’s Justice Department Has a Racism Issue (07/9/2010)
My Black Dad & Obama (07/9/2010)
Everything In His Power (07/6/2010)
Tabloid Magazine Breaks the Obama Citizenship Scandal! July 4, 2010 (07/6/2010)
Uncovering the Obama Conspiracies (07/6/2010)
Into The Heart Of Darkness, Part 2 (07/4/2010)
This Independence Day, It Is Appropriate to Fly Old Glory Upside Down (07/2/2010)
Obama’s “Fundamental Transformation” means Total Annihilation (07/2/2010)
“Toxic Obama” - the latest failed Presidency (06/29/2010)
Why Obama is Sabotaging U.S. Economic Growth (06/29/2010)
Barack Obama: A Bill of Indictment (06/27/2010)
Another Test For President Obama Looms (06/27/2010)
A Soldier Speaks: What about Some Respect From Obama? (06/25/2010)
The Finished Line (06/25/2010)
We must now enact a Declaration of Independence from Obama Tyranny (06/25/2010)
Obama to Lecture General McChrystal About “Poor judgment, immaturity”? Ha! (06/23/2010)
The Obama Slippery Slope is Gone and it’s Day 563 of Our Captivity (06/23/2010)
He’s Obama! He’s Black! So, Shut Up! (06/22/2010)

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