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Barack Obama: Congress Must Act to Make Him a ½ Term President! (03/10/2011)
Obama: The Rights of the Many denied by the Tyranny of the few (03/3/2011)
‘Obama to Declare Constitution Unconstitutional?’ (02/27/2011)
Of a Genius IQ, “Learning Curves,” and Proper Respect (02/14/2011)
Obama Tires of Destroying USA—Turns to Egypt (02/5/2011)
‘Second Year of Obama Presidency Most “Polarizing” in 57 Years: Why?’ (02/4/2011)
The Audacity Of Dope (01/28/2011)
Obama’s Memorial and Pep Rally (01/14/2011)
The Barack Obama Presidency: When being unbelievable is the best defense (01/7/2011)
The Missing Link in the Evolution of Barack Obama (12/30/2010)
‘Can Obama & Co Really be Stopped?’ (12/8/2010)
President runs to Afghanistan to escape U.S. economic woes (12/5/2010)
‘Sexual Bedlam at Airports, Mystery Missile off California: Anyone Heard from BHO?’ (11/21/2010)
Obama Won’t Run…His Work Is Done (11/21/2010)
America the Beautiful – Redux (11/7/2010)
‘Obama Moving White House to India?’ (11/3/2010)
Now That You Mentioned It,  President Obama (10/29/2010)
The Id Of The Odd (10/17/2010)
‘Is Obama Just a Moron?’ (10/17/2010)
Holding Out “Hope” (10/8/2010)
‘Will The American Spirit Survive Obama?’ (09/30/2010)
Time to Seize Bank of Obama! (09/26/2010)
‘Barack Obama: The Man Who Would be God?’ (09/21/2010)
Mrs. B.O.: Hell Is Your Just Reward for Betrothing the Devil! (09/19/2010)
At Least Marie Antoinette Would Let Us Have Cake (09/16/2010)
Obama & Co Speeding its Implementation of Collapsing America (09/16/2010)
‘Where are the apologies?’ (09/7/2010)
Obama Braggadocio about Iraq: Another Failure! (09/7/2010)
Obama’s Latest Outrage Against Arizona And America (09/2/2010)
Prime time Obama: Self-congratulatory and self-delusional (09/1/2010)
Obama Vacations: Destroying a Country is Hard Work (08/23/2010)
Barry Soetoro the blackface Alfred E. Neuman (08/17/2010)
Islamist Victory and Obama Attacks on the States and US Citizens (08/17/2010)
Obama is America’s New Jim Jones (08/16/2010)
The First Un-American President (08/14/2010)

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