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Barack Obama’s Surrogate Father (06/21/2010)
Obama Days of Destruction:  Day 62 for Gulf, Day 561 for USA (06/21/2010)
Obama & Holder: “YOU have NO standing to ask any Questions!” (06/20/2010)
Obama’s “Regime Change” of Socialist Control (06/18/2010)
Media and other Radical Leftists Openly Call for Obama Dictatorship (06/18/2010)
Obama To Sue Over Arizona Immigration Law? (06/18/2010)
Capitalizing on the latest crisis (06/18/2010)
A Poll From Fly-Over Country (06/16/2010)
Oil Industry in Ruins: “Mission Accomplished” for Obama? (06/15/2010)
Never Allow A Serious Crisis To Go To Waste (06/15/2010)
Obama to demand Americans allow him even more theft of their earnings? (06/15/2010)
Obama & Co steps up USA Destruction before November Elections (06/13/2010)
Obama Teaches You Are Not As Important As Him (06/10/2010)
Obama Looking to “Kick Ass” Over Gulf: Woe Be Unto W.! (06/8/2010)
Light-Years Ahead of His Time (06/7/2010)

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