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Another Liberal FLAP
EdukShun item by Larry Wilke - Feb 11, 2011

The truth is stranger than fiction.  In other words, I could not make up anything more bizarre than the “reality”, “alternative” though it may be, of the liberal desire to transform America into well, something else..

We now turn our attention to the Mansfield school district in Texas.  We now have the need to do so because it would seem that so few people have been paying attention, even those directly effected in that region of Texas, prior to today.  Have no fear, by next week, everyone will have forgotten about it..  We now turn our attention to this school district because the liberal government in Washington HAS been paying attention..  “Paying attention” to their socialist sand tables..  “Paying attention” to their Marxist machinations..

    The headline almost says it all..  “Mandatory Arabic Classes Coming To Mansfield” (dfw cbslocal dot com 02/08/2011)  Taking the liberal game plan into account the headline should also read, “Coming Soon To A School Near YOU If You Aren’t Paying Attention Or If You Don’t Care..” 

    “Some students in Mansfield ISD schools could soon be learning Arabic as a required language..”  Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a put up job on my part.  Mind you, the idea of ENGLISH as a “required language” is deemed “hateful and exclusionary” by these same liberals yet the guttural rumblings of “Arabic” will be a “required language”..  Would you like to take a wild guess as to why this will be a “required language”?  Because it is “part of a federally funded grant”..

    YOUR tax dollars will be going to “five school districts around the country”, a “federally funded grant” that will total at least $1,200,000.00, so that ARABIC can be “mandatory”..  “The Foreign Language Assistance Program (FLAP) grant was awarded to Mansfield ISD last summer by the U.S. Department of Education..”  The liberal federal government wants this to be “mandatory”..  “Mandatory”..

    Regardless of the geographic location, any time that the federal government starts dangling over a million tax dollars in front of the siphons within the nation’s public school systems, it wouldn’t matter WHAT the liberal government wanted to make “mandatory”, as proven by this “grant” and so many others, it will be “taught”..  Then again, if we use the “track record” of the public schools and the results from those that they allegedly “teach” and graduate, these funds will just go into the local NEA’s pockets and this “language” will end up right along side the places occupied by Ebonics and (Press six for) English within the public schools..

    When a government become too large, it becomes impossible for anyone to keep track of the things that they are doing.  This plays right into the leftist’s hands as they utilize the bloated bureaucracy to serve as cover and concealment for their various “activities”.  This is another of the reasons why the left makes the expansion and enlarging of the federal government one of their “number one priorities”. 

    The other thing that the left is counting on is the complacency of the constituents.  This complacency comes from many factors.  The fact that the constituents are “busy” with work, raising families and paying the bills.  The fact that the vast majority of the constituents either “trust government” (because they are lazy) or they take the “Oh well, what could I do about it” attitude (because they are lazy..)  The left always counts on these factors and the constituents have NEVER let them down. 

    The left also understands both the nation’s short attention span and the inability for the public to retain any information for even the shortest period of time.  This is why the left specializes in the art of distraction and diversion.  Don’t worry, some silly episode (how about another “boy in the balloon”) will be endlessly “covered” by the 24/7 “impartial” media as they understand their role in the “refocusing” of the nation’s attention once the liberal government gets caught with its collectivist fly’s down.. 

    The federal government is overloaded with Czars, Secretaries, Under Secretaries, various “Departments”, “Councils” and “Offices”..  Lets try to break just the first of these areas down.  Basically, there are fifteen major “Departments” within the federal government and as of today, there are 4,193,144 employees within those fifteen “Departments”.  That “averages” 279,543 employees for EACH “Department”..  That is BEFORE we begin to calculate all of the employees within the all of the “Offices” and “Councils”..  That is before we add in all of the other redundant governmental entities at the STATE and LOCAL level..  Needless to say, the federal government has no desire to cooperate with the Obama empty promise of “transparency”, they have too much to lose..  And by the way, the American public “forgot” about this promise right on cue..

    Those who make all of these “contributions”, these “taxes” and “revenues” have NO IDEA where these taxes are going and to whom they are going.  Everyone just “trusts” that the government will “do the right thing”..  (Stop laughing..)  So because it seems to be an almost impossible task to try to track where all of these “revenues” are going when so many MILLIONS of diversionary government employees are doing the redistributing, why don’t the people DEMAND that taxes be permanently lowered or eliminated?  The left CANNOT redistribute what they do not have.. 

    When will the country demand that the liberal federal government go through the ten-percent unemployment attrition that Obama has saddled America with?  Why is it that during the Obama Depression where several million Americans have permanently lost their jobs, the liberal federal government has gained over 600,000 positions since February of 2009?  (Numbers from Josh Saltzman COS for Rep. Pete Sessions, July 30, 2010) (Even though a good percentage of that figure has to be the temporary census workers, government STILL grew while the private sector suffered.. Even the Bureau of Labor Statistics in said that between 2008 and 2018, “government employment, excluding employment in public education and hospitals is expected to increase by 7 percent.” “Overview of the 2008-2018 Projections” 12/30/2010)

    Here the left’s unintentional “transparency” becomes all the more galling, so brace yourselves..  “The DOE has identified Arabic as a ‘language of the future’”..  In America?  I have long postulated that the left would like nothing more than to awaken on some crisp morning to find camels grazing on the White House lawn..  I have said this before in jest.  Now having read what I have just read, I have to reconsider the perspective from which it was originally written..

    Here is where things start to get even stickier.  “The grant provides culture, government, art, traditions and history as part of the curriculum..”  Wait just a moment..  Those not totally immersed in the cowardice of liberalism understand that there is no difference between “Arabic” government and their “religion”.  Where are the leftists and their cries of “religion” being taught in the public schools? 

    “Culture”?  Will all of the little public school girls have to walk ten feet behind the little public school boys in order to “learn” this type of “Arabic culture”?  Will there be a few ceremonial “stonings” as part of the “history” lesson?  Will there be a couple of “ceremonial killings” because some little schoolgirl “embarrassed and humiliated her family” so that they can TRULY understand this “culture”?  Will they cut the hands off of one of the little ones if they take an eraser from another child’s desk?  Speaking of “history”, will the little ones be learning the REAL “history” of the “Arabic” culture or will it be another of the homogenized heresies written by some CAIR lunatic?  Seems silly to ask, doesn’t it..

    We have to hear from a few of those effected.  Meet Trisha Savage.  She has thoroughly swallowed the liberal Eucharist without gagging and has completed her transformation into he perfect Stepford Socialist..  “I think it’s a great opportunity that will open doors.  We need to think globally and act locally..”  (She STOLE that last line from the movie, “Up In The Air”.. P.S., the “theory” didn’t work in the movie either..)  Meet Kheirieh Hannun who was “born in the Middle East but was raised in the US.”  “It was surprising, but I think it’s OK, and it will help come down on the stereotype.”  The rest of us hope that it will unintentionally shed light onto the truth behind what the apologists like to term the “stereotype”..  In closing the article says that “she is hopeful the class could broaden the minds of not only the students, but also the parents..”  If the REAL history, not the fabricated falsehoods forwarded by the liberals and the “impartial” media relative to this topic will be taught, it would surely open some eyes.. 

    Please keep this “Arabic Allocation” of your tax dollars in mind every Friday when you look at the federal tax portion on your paycheck and every April when the federal government picks your pocket once more just for fun..  Having done so, please remember that there are literally hundreds of thousands of other liberal “uses” of your tax dollars that you do not even know about, nor will you ever..

Larry Wilke is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

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