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Getting There
Political Correctness item by Larry Wilke - Feb 9, 2011

British Prime Minister David Cameron decided to use the causes of terrorism as the topic of his first speech.  In reading through the reports of this speech, he is getting there but there is still a way to go..

At the security conference in Munich, PM Cameron stated, “we need a lot less of the passive tolerance of recent years and much more active, muscular liberalism..”  (“State multiculturalism has failed, says David Cameron” BBC News 02/06/2011) The first portion gives one hope that Europe’s true leader may be turning a corner.  “Passive tolerance” in the face of fascists never ends with positive results for the puerile pacifists..  American liberal “passive tolerance” exemplified by the “Obama appeasement” is a certain recipe for disaster.  The second part of the PM’s statement leaves me with what has to be yet another delicious oxymoron..  “Muscular liberalism..” 

    “We won’t defeat terrorism simply by the actions we take outside our borders..”  The tale of the tape will end up being exactly what is done and the extent to which it will be done regardless of location in terms of “ending” terrorism.  Lincoln stopped Habeas Corpus during the Civil War, drastic steps need to be taken when drastic action by “terrorists” targets innocent citizens.

    PM Cameron said that there would be “greater scrutiny of some Muslim groups which get public money but do little to tackle extremism..”  “Some”?  Try ALL.  Why are Mooselim groups getting ANY “public money” anywhere?  The Mooselims are functioning under their own “don’t ask, don’t tell” when it comes to the hobby of so many of their carpet crawling contemporaries..  “Extremism” is another PC way to say “Mooselim terrorism”. 

    “Europe must stamp out intolerance of Western values within its own Muslim communities if it is to defeat the roots of terrorism.”  (UK’s Cameron: Europe must wake up on extremism” apnews my way 02/06/2011)  “Intolerance” is what the “religion of peace” is all about.  By the way, in order to keep the fires of political correctness burning brightly, PM Cameron added “right wing extremists” to the last statement.  For the sake of brevity, I will not repeat any of the pandering mentioning of “right wing extremists” until someone can advise me of the last “terrorist” act perpetrated by anyone properly identified as a “right wing extremist” by someone other than the members of the “impartial” media or an opportunist leftist..  This is nothing more than the type of cowering before the ACTUAL terrorists that needs to come to an end.

    At this point in the proceedings I do have a question for the “muscular liberals”.  When did the epiphany take place relative to the importance of “stamping out intolerance of western values”?  When did the liberals toss their “Hey, hey, ho, ho, western cultures got to go” placards into the recycling bin?  I am not trying to look a gift horse in the mouth but I have to ask this due to the fact that the “muscular liberals” have spent the last fifty years “stamping out western values” not only in America but over the entire globe. 

    In order to actually gauge the parameters of the topic, would the “muscular liberals” please give their definition of “western values”?  I am of the opinion that the typical “liberal flexibility” will produce quite a different set of “values” than those of the rest of us but I suppose that we should be thankful that at least the words have made their way back into the liberal lexicon.. 

    We read of the “difficulties of integrating some religious communities..”  Here is that troubling word “some” again..  Shall we go out on a limb and actually identify the ONLY “religious community” relative to the question of “terrorism”? 

    Again, the fine work of the “muscular liberals” has all but turned “integrating” (the melting pot) into the liberals endorsed separatism (the salad bowl).  The bottom line: there are NO hyphenated Americans.  Example: “Asian-American”. (Feel free to place any cultural prefix..)  Personal priorities are in their order of appearance.  Moral absolutism, you are either an American are you aren’t..  It took five decades, but a genuine apology from the left for their focused destruction of “western values” seems to be in order.  Let us not hold our breath..

    They “struggle with the language of their new home..”  There should be no “struggle” with English.  If everyone actually were required to speak and understand English BEFORE being allowed into either England or America, if “standards” were established and upheld for acceptance into either country without the imbecilic threats of “discrimination” being bandied about, many of the “problems” wouldn’t ever enter..  (However, if I were an “immigrant” and I wandered by some ass-piring “rap artist” being “creative” on the street corner, I would ask why such standards are being demanded of only me..)

    In America, the liberals intentionally tell ALL of the “immigrants” here that the speaking of English is “hateful and exclusionary”, they encourage the “immigrants” to hold onto their native language knowing that English in America is the language of business and success.  This fast tracks the “immigrants” into the liberal welfare/benefits quicksand.. 

    As well, the “immigrants” perpetual poverty due to the liberal marching orders sets up all of this alleged “angst” that leads to “terrorism” as well as the “poverty” that the left feels is the catalyst for terrorism..  Therefore it is not a stretch of logic in the least to say that the policies of the left can be properly attributed to the list of the causes of terrorism..  Let those last thoughts simmer upon your mental back burners for a few moments..  Please note as well that these “immigrants” who turn to terrorism all seem to hail from ONE area of the globe and they seem to all “understand” their dog-eared playbook as well..

    “Cameron said a culture of tolerance had allowed Islamic extremists to build support for their causes.  ‘We’ve been too cautious, frankly even fearful, to stand up to them..’”  This “culture of tolerance” is a liberal trademark that has polluted every element of “western culture” that it has come into contact with, not just the cancer of “terrorism”.  In short, the “Islamic extremists” are using the “rights” guaranteed them by the coconspirators of the ACLU in order to “build support for their causes”.. 

    The “Islamic extremists” despise the freedoms within the Constitution, yet with their allies on the left, they use these freedoms to “build support for their causes”.  What would happen to these “freedoms” if the Islamofascists took over?  What would happen to the ACLU and its minions once their collaborations have “succeeded”?  Would the ACLU attack the Mooselim religion with the same ferocity that it has attacked the religion that has supplied all of the tenets found within “western culture”?  If you would like to see the template for this scenario, just take a look at the “freedoms” allowed in Iran or any other Mooselim paradise..  When will the liberals “stand up to” their own stable mates? 

    As soon as you feel comfortable that genuine progress is being made by the PM, things suddenly veer back into the goofy guard rail of political correctness..  “If they want an example of how Western values and Islam can be entirely compatible, they should look at what’s happening on the streets of Tunis and Cairo..”  Just this morning I saw a headline that screamed, “Muslim Brotherhood Holds Government Talks”..  (Fox News)  I’m still trying to find the “western values” within the Mooselim Brotherhood..  You might just as well go about looking for this “muscular liberalism” mentioned a little earlier.. 

    Next we read that “Mr. Cameron drew a clear distinction between Islam the religion and what he described as ‘Islamic extremism’”..  “Islamist extremism and Islam are not the same thing..”  Sure they aren’t.. Can’t seem to get over the fact that both “Islamist extremism” and “Islam” start with the SAME FIVE LETTERS and the similarities do not end there..  Those of us not marinated in the slimy stew of political correctness haven’t been able to locate this “clear distinction” unless we gaze through the kaleidoscope of confusion..

    “Lets properly judge these organizations..”  Yes, lets..  The anticipation of such judgements gives one hope but in the end I fear that there will be backsliding as soon as the Mooselim mouthpieces of the CAIR and others, again trained through observation of the western liberals themselves, begins to wind their horns..

    “Mohammed Shafiq of the Ramadan Foundation, a British Muslim youth group, said in a statement that the speech has risked angering Muslims by suggesting that there was widespread intolerance within the religion..”  That didn’t take long..  We all know what happens when the practitioners of the “religion of peace” are “angered”..  Heads will roll..  (Couldn’t resist..) “Tolerance” is about as nonexistent within the Mooselim “community” as it is within the liberal “community”.  This becomes apparent any time that you disagree with either one of them.. 

    “Singling out Muslims as he has done feeds the hysteria and paranoia about Mooselims..  British Muslims abhor terrorism and extremism and we have worked hard to eradicate this evil from our country..”  I feel as though I am six years old again and that last should have ended with, “touch blue make it true..”  Actually, it is the Mooselims who reflexively respond with “hysteria and paranoia”.  Remember just how logical and relaxed the Mooselims were when the “impartial” media cooked up the fantasy about flushed books at Guantanamo Bay?  How about the “tempered” (literally..) response to some silly cartoons in Denmark back in 2005?  Mooselims abhor terrorism about as much as Rosie O’Donnell abhors mad cow disease..  Next thing you know Shafiq will say how much he loves a good bacon and tomato sandwich..

    The involuntary PC even found its way into one of the articles.  “Nine men were charged last month in Britain over a plan to attack Parliament and the U.S. Embassy..”  If a politically correct censorship hadn’t been involved that should have read “Nine MOOSELIM men..”  May I just give you ONE of the names of the nine involved?  “Shah Mohammed Lutfar Raman..”  (9 charged in British terror conspiracy USA Today 12/27/2010)  There’s a nice Irish lad, don’t ‘ya think?  By the way, the other eight probably don’t spend much time singing “Danny Boy” either..

    “Dr.” Faisal Hanjra said, “Again, it just seems the Muslim community is very much in the spotlight, being treated as part of the problem as opposed to part of the solution..”  Let me add a bit of focus for the good Doctor: The Mooselim “community” (whatever that is..) IS the problem.  Members of this “community” either actively participate or through their silence, they give their tacit approval of the actions of the others.  The world will change its thinking when we see the reports from the “Million Mooselim March Against Terrorism” held in the dirty streets of Pakistan..

    “Islamic Society of Britain’s Ajmal Masroor said the Prime Minister did not appreciate the nature of the problem.  ‘I think he’s confusing a couple of issues..  Extremism comes about as a result of several other factors..”  Of course, these “factors” weren’t named so until Masroor gets around to doing so, lets just go with what WE know to be true..  What the apologist/deflectors like Masroor will NEVER acknowledge is that those who are under the Mooselim umbrella through their “actions” are the ones who put the alleged “moderate Mooselim community” in the “spotlight”. 

    The first speech of the new Prime Minister focusing on Mooselim terrorism is certainly worthy of merit and it should give the good people of both England and Europe hope.  However here in America, our appointed apologist has yet to even address the issue with anything other than the perfumed progressive pablum of political correctness read directly from his totalitarian teleprompters during the two years and two hundred vacations since his abysmal socialist siege began..

Larry Wilke is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

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