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America’s Coming War With China
Asia item by J. D. Longstreet - Jan 5, 2011

Is America prepared for a “shooting war” with China?  Well, that WAS a rhetorical question.  Of course, the answer is an emphatic NO! It seems important (at least to me), these days, with news that China has deployed a new anti-ship ballistic missile made especially to take out aircraft carriers. 

With America’s aircraft carriers regularly plying the ocean waters, in and around the Yellow Sea and the South China Sea, one would have to conclude the Chinese developed this particular missile for the mission of taking out, or rendering useless, America’s ocean going pride, her aircraft carriers.
The new Chinese missile is the “D” version of China’s DF-21 medium-range missile.  It involves firing the mobile missile into space, returning it into the atmosphere and then maneuvering it to its target.
Military officials consider using ballistic missiles against ships at sea to be a difficult task that requires a variety of air, sea and space sensors, navigation systems and precision guidance technology - capabilities not typical of other Chinese missiles. (From the Washington Times HERE)

With North Korea kicking up it’s heels… again, with America’s treaty with Taiwan (to come to it’s aid if China decides to re-attach it) and with Japan, another country we have promised to assist in the event it is attacked… by anyone … this should be of enormous interest for America and a source of considerable concern for the White House. All these countries lie near China and American aircraft carriers in waters near those countries present convenient targets for China’s new ship-killing missile.  And we haven’t mentioned the Philippines, Vietnam, and much, if not all of Southeast Asia. 
Obama’s foreign policy has been an abysmal failure for America.  In fact, it is worse than a failure. As an example, the recent “SALT” treaty with Russia leaves the US naked against a missile attack.
I suppose the Obama Regime believes we owe China so much money they would not dare attack us.  WRONG!
As bad as the Obama Regime is at managing domestic problems, it is even worse at handling foreign problems.
The article in the Washington Times goes on to say the following:  “Richard Fisher, a China military-affairs specialist, said the new ASBM is only one part of a series of new Chinese weapons that threaten the region.”

“When we add the ASBM to the PLA’s [People’s Liberation Army’s] growing anti-satellite capabilities, growing numbers of submarines, and quite soon, its fifth-generation fighter, we are seeing the erection of a new Chinese wall in the western Pacific, for which the Obama administration has offered almost nothing in defensive response,” Mr. Fisher said.”
The article quotes Mr. Fisher as having said:  ““Clearly, China’s communist leadership is not impressed by the administration’s ending of F-22 production, its retirement of the Navy’s nuclear cruise missile, START Treaty reductions in U.S. missile warheads, and its refusal to consider U.S. space warfare capabilities. Such weakness is the surest way to invite military adventurism from China,” he added.”
Yes, America has problems at home.  But we cannot slacken our defenses abroad.  Even now the US government is considering “cut-backs” in defense.  This kind of thinking is a godsend to our enemies, of which China is, in my opinion, “numero uno.”
It has been my contention for many decades now that, eventually, America and China will ultimately clash in a world war. China has interests around the globe now, so any war with China will, of necessity, be a global war.
If history has taught us anything it is that a weak US President invites trouble from America’s enemies. Obama is such a weak President.
Leftist and liberal presidents usually are weak in defending America.  It appears they are embarrassed for being an American citizen, and they jump at every chance to apologize to the world for what THEY consider America’s mistakes.  Such weakness only emboldens America’s enemies and makes a laughing stock of America’s President. More importantly, it places the people of the United States in danger.
One more apology is required of Obama—an apology to the American people for his lack of interest in their defense.
That is one apology I don’t expect we will ever hear.

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