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Here We Go Again!
RINO's item by Thomas D. Segel - Dec 12, 2010

They haven’t even picked up the gavel yet, but are already mired in a controversy about too much spending and the national debt.  Our so-called “reformed” GOP has already caved on the promises made in the November election.  After a campaign filled with promises to cut spending and lower the national debt both before and following the election, these same “conservative” officials have already joined hands with the Obama Administration and agreed to a tax and bailout scheme that, if passed in its current form, will add $900 billion dollars to the deficit.

Things may be tight in the job market, but there is work out there for those who would rather earn their way than reach out their hand for another government check.  Just driving around town I have seen “hiring” signs in front of call centers.  Ford announced it would offer another 1,800 jobs at a renovated plant in Kentucky.  Farms across the country always need labor.

Most of the fast food outlets have a revolving door when it comes to employees.  If they don’t need help today, they will need it tomorrow.  Most of the stores in the mall, during this holiday season, have “help wanted” signs displayed.

The main problem is most of these jobs don’t add any more money to the pocketbook than that endless unemployment check the government keeps offering those not currently employed.  Why break your back working when Uncle Sam will keep pressing cash on you for lying around the house?

One acquaintance of mine talked to me about his neighbor who has been out of work for more than a year, makes a phony effort at locating a job, and has been going to a local junior college full time.  When word was announced of the Republican agreement with the president to extend unemployment payments for another 13 months, he almost danced with glee.  He was delighted that he would be able to finish his degree without going back to work.

A major force in the new Republican resurgence was the Tea Party movement.  The main attack of that citizen revolt was aimed at a wasteful big government and how it was destroying our country. One month after the votes were counted Republicans seem to have forgotten that was why they were given the opportunity to legislate from a position of power.

Already Senator Jim DeMint and the Club for Growth have come out against the tax and spend deal.  Conservative editorials around the country have pointed out how quickly the GOP did a back flip on their pledge to be fiscally responsible.  Bernie Sanders, a liberal independent, performed the first “actual” filibuster in recent times because there was too much money in the plan for the rich.  The Black Caucus revolted and House Democrats signed a letter stating they would not vote on the legislation if it became an actual bill.

Republicans have been very busy doing a lot of Texas Two Step maneuvers as they try to explain how they are being fiscally conservative while at the same time adding another $900 billion dollars to the national debt.  Their plea to the public is we can’t tighten our belt while there is almost 10% unemployment.

Those who think more modestly do not believe that two years worth of unemployment checks drives people out of the house to look for meaningful employment.

Those Democrats who support the Obama deal make the strange argument that unemployment checks actually stimulate the economy and create job growth.  If that argument is true, than logically we could put the entire country on permanent unemployment welfare roles.  Then we would have zero unemployment and jobs would be there for everyone.

But, there are still others, including many people in the Tea Party movement that are looking at the GOP and its deal making…and remembering Ronald Reagan’s old one liner….”Here We Go Again!”

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