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An Abstract Debate
Taxes item by Larry Wilke - Dec 9, 2010

The progressive poltroon might need to be renamed “the testy totalitarian” after yesterday’s press conference..  It seems that the liberal “base” of loafers and mendicants are upset with the “unifier, not a divider”.  They say that he has “failed to make good on a series of promises that he made to the left (and the country) during the 2008 campaign”.  (“The Anger of Barack Obama” Washington Post dot com 12/07/10)  Angering the moochers is a risky scheme as the bums and vagrants have nothing else to do except “protest”, march around in circles and holler..  Angering the middle class who are too busy WORKING and being responsible is generally a more palatable option for the fascists..

Obama has “compromised” on the two-year extension of the Bush tax cuts for EVERYONE.  What is an intelligent move for both Obama and the nation is turning into a sticky wicket for the rest of the forlorn fascists of the left..  The Democratic “big tent” of inclusion has always left out those who are productive and the “crass separatists” are now screaming to the wrinkled relics, Pelosi and Reid..  Good luck with that, even Obama has given up listening to these two useless urchins..

    After another of the “what ever happened to transparency?” “closed door” Democratic meetings in Washington between Reid, Boozer Biden and “other Democratic Senators”, Reid left the communist conclave and stated boldly, “It’s something that’s not done yet, we’re going to do some more work..”  What a novel choice of words considering that because of all of the handy work done by Reid, Biden and ALL of the Democrats since 2006, there really aren’t that many people OUTSIDE of Washington “doing work” of any kind.. (“Obama defends tax deal, says he’s kept promises” Yahoo dot com 12/07/10) With the liberals, it isn’t a “closed door meeting”, it’s a “closed MIND meeting”..

    In trying to answer the bleating of the bottom feeders, Obama said, “there is not a single thing that I said that I would do that I have not done or tried to do..”  Mark this up as another in the endless series of Democratic denials and distractions similar to the “jobs saved or created” nonsense..  This time he is trying to pass this piffle off onto the true believers of his fascist fan club, so it isn’t anywhere near as difficult a task as when he tries to “convince” the middle class.. 

    As he tried vaingloriously to save either one of his two faces, Obama decided to unload on those who DID NOT claim, “I won” after their big election win.  He tried to stir the embers of imbecility by comparing “negotiating with Republicans to negotiating with hostage takers”..  Obama claimed that THE ONLY reason that he did so was because of the “danger to the hostage-the American public-would be harmed..”  To quote the Bolshevik blowhard himself, how “sanctimonious”..  Obama and the liberals have been holding the “American public” hostage since January of 2009 and to boot, the liberals have been sending ransom demands to the middle class since they took over both Houses in 2006..

    “My number one priority is to do what’s right for the American people..”  Obama has had so many “number one priorities” that listening to him announce yet another one goes well beyond being just intellectually lazy.  The American people corrected the “big mistake” from 2008 because Obama has done nothing but wrong for the American people since his coronation..  The more “right” Obama decides to become, the more “right” he will do for the American public..

    “Allies of the president (Please note that these “allies” weren’t given by name as they are still in the “witless projection program” sponsored by the fifth columnists..) said that he was channeling the frustration of the American people with a government unable to solve big problems..”  What??  The only reason that “Obama the Oracle” had to do any “channeling” was because of the “big problems” that he and the liberals have made exponentially BIGGER.  Obama’s government is “unable to solve big problems”, “problems” that they themselves have created and he is standing there at the teleprompter with his hands on his hips shaking his head in disbelief as if he were just some innocent bystander..

    “He promised a renewed fight during 2012 when the tax cuts would expire again..”  Through the “scorched Earth socialism” inflicted by Obama upon this nation, he has effectively frightened every other Democratic presidential contender out of the pool two years ahead of schedule..  He has “allegedly” drained even Rodham of all of her ambition to run for the office and that is saying a lot as even Bill with his numerous “pecker-dilloes” couldn’t manage to do that..  Obama is hoping that the Republicans can do all of the heavy lifting in two year’s time and he will again campaign in his hot air balloon that is made up of nothing more than an immense but empty baloney skin filled with helium.. 

    His two years of “mine field Marxism” decimated the liberal majority through his demands for lock step agreement and mandatory conformity.  The sad truth is that all that Obama really wants is to have another four years of vacations every seventy two hours with his surly spouse while the American tax payer foots the bill..  He wants the Republicans to do for him what they did for Billy Bob starting in 1994..

    The liberal simpleton kept throwing hollow bones to the totalitarian trolls of the liberal base.  “Obama called ‘tax cuts for the wealthy’ the Republicans ‘holy grail’.  ‘It seems to be their economic doctrine..’”  Since Obama’s “economic doctrine” of the highest deficits EVER recorded, permanent ten percent unemployment and out of control liberal hand out spending has worked SO WELL for the past two years, why wouldn’t Obama try to find another “holy grail” himself?  Something else as opposed to clinging to the archaic idea of implementing a historically failed watered down socialism where capitalism used to flourish? 

    “Obama cast his decision to accede to the GOP position on extending the tax cuts..”  How benevolent..  What this poser actually did was “accede” to the position of the American public, the ones that he has been bleeding since early 2009 when there weren’t enough opposition votes to stop him.  “He said a long, bloody battle with the GOP would be detrimental to recession-weary Americans..”  Not quite true.  They are actually the Obama Depression weary Americans..  The only reason that this collectivist coward didn’t partake of this “bloody battle” was that he would have lost just as badly as he and his fascist friend did in November..

    “The White House is arguing the deal would pump billions into the economy at a time when it is recovering from the worst recession in eight decades..”  Suddenly, Obama is apparently understanding that that is EXACTLY what tax cuts do, help with “recovery”..  By the way, if it has been the worst in eight decades, it’s a full blown Obama DEPRESSION..  “Several officials said the package could add $900 billion or more to the federal deficit over two years..”  Actually, the “deficit” (“Obama’s HISTORIC deficits, actually..) is due to the Obama liberal girly spending spree, not any tax cut..

    Obama “believes the jobless rate will recede because the economy is growing..”  Such rudimentary economics might serve as a socialist salve for Obama’s wounded liberal pride but when the ample and exorbitant penalties related to Obama Scare and all of the other progressive panaceas hit the nation’s businesses and consumers, all of this “receding” will come to an abrupt halt..

    “This isn’t an abstract debate, this is real money for real people..”  For a liberal to acknowledge that the “wealthy” are actually “real people” is quite a concession.  The liberals will NEVER admit that they are only concerned with CERTAIN people having “wealth”..  As always, when any liberal decides to fill the rarified air with collectivist consonants and vituperative vowels, it is ALWAYS an “abstract debate”.. 

Larry Wilke is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

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