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Shrill Waters Run Shallow
Race Card item by Larry Wilke - Aug 14, 2010

Taking a page out of the perverted playbook that is being utilized by the flailing fascist in DC, California Kook Maxine Waters says that her personal “ethical problems” are the result of the Bush administration.  For good measure, I am sure that “institutional racism” was to blame for her felonies as well..  Any day now the goofy old broad will say that she also “inherited” this “ethical problem” from W too..  Why not, this retarded riposte has done so well for Obama, why wouldn’t it work for Waters..

In the recent past minority liberals, who have over time conditioned themselves to reflexively respond to anything by over-reaching for the “race card” with such alarming frequency, have made the “card” itself now nearly as transparent as the litany of lies that has perpetually surrounded it.  Shysters like $harpton and Jack$on found such great success early on by winding their horns at such companies as Coca-Cola, Goldman Sachs, Wal Mart and others in the halcyon days.  These shaky executives, worried about the “appearances” which were wildly overblown by the conveniently cooperative liberal media outlets, would start scratching checks in order to silence the thieves.  With the “race card” literally turning to dust today, the “beat around the Bush” game seems their next gambit and it appears to be working as magnificently as their previous cries of wolf..

    Invariably, this silly “racism” game involves volume.  Everybody who has been the “victim” suddenly starts raising their collective voices knowing full well that the “hush money” will soon follow.  However, the largest percentage of these bribes and payoffs don’t go to those who have allegedly being “wronged”, they go to the “professional” blackmailers (literally).. 

    For example, take fellow “Swamp Thing” Charlie Rangel, fresh from his recent birthday bash before his impending date with “The Big House”.  He has historically tried the same sophistry once his hand was found in the collectivist cookie jar.  Once when nabbed by the IRS for skirting his tax bills of 2004, 2005 and 2006, Rangel decided that he was the “victim” of a “guerrilla war”..  After making a career of raising everyone else’s taxes, Rangel decided all on his own that the income derived from renting his beach house in the Dominican Republic wasn’t in need of being taxed.  That’s right, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee which is responsible for tax theft from the middle class didn’t want to “pay his fair share” as the liberal Obama has said that everyone else should do..  Rangel also saw racism behind the nation’s disgust over the ObamaScare socialized medicine debacle.  “Rangel said ‘bias and prejudice’ are fueling opposition to health care reform”.  (“Rangel Plays Race Card, Says Obamacare The Victim” wcbstv dot com 09/04/09)  Now he is staring at thirteen separate charges that must ALL be rooted in “racism” or some other fictitious “-ism” that they might manage to create out of thin air.. 

    Waters is actually making the “Bush” claim with a straight face proving that the size of the lie that you are telling is nowhere near as important as your ability to say it with complete confidence.  Add to this hilarious harangue the fact that Waters says that she was doing this for “over 100 minority banks”, she added that “she had to”..  (Facing Ethics Charges, Rep. Waters Points Finger at Bush Administration” Fox news dot com 08/13/10) 

    “Reading from a written statement” (what else would a liberal do, without the teleprompter, the left is a intellectually barren as their codependent constituents..) Waters said, “We did not influence anyone and we did not gain any benefit..”  Waters continued on with her pathetic palavering, “The question at this point should be why a trade association representing over 100 minority owned banks could not get a meeting (with Hank Paulson) at the height of the crisis..”  There is so much wrong with this that it is almost too painful to read it..  Where to begin..

    Why would Waters need to speak up for an organization that she herself doesn’t actually “represent”?  Maybe it was because her husband, Sidney Williams, was a member of the board of directors of a minority bank named “OneUnited” that had its hand out at the time..  So after Waters donned her crown and cape of outrage and this “meeting” was summarily granted, how many of these “100 minority owned” banks managed to show up to voice their alleged grievances?  Try one..  Now try to guess which “bank” that was..  If you guessed “OneUnited” you are correct..  Waters “reward” for her husband was twelve million tax dollars.  The good news is that this “bank” actually bawled for $50,000,000.00, so the American taxpayer only lost out on twelve million..  As a sidebar, the “height” of this “crisis” didn’t occur until the Marxist Messiah and Turbo Timmy got their hands dirty into it and this “crisis” was primarily the fault of a liberal House and Senate that was addicted to out of control spending and avarice since 2006..

    We have to then ask why Waters felt that “minority owned” banks were in need of “special privileges”.  Were these banks given special treatment just because it is alleged that they are “minority owned”?  What should be MORE IMPORTANT, the solvency of the loans ANY bank has given or who sits on the board and whom is he married to or who allegedly “owns” the bank?  Here we have bank “A” which makes horrible loans based upon nebulous so called ideals like “fairness”.  It turns out that their loans are almost all in default.  Here we have bank “B” which has used common sense when making loans and their “bottom line” is in the black (so to speak)..  Why should bank “A” be entitled to anything other than an expedient trip towards being dissolved regardless of who owns the bank or who sits on the board of directors or who is married to a member of the House of Representatives?   

    When the ridiculous reaching that envelopes the inevitable cries of “racism” and “institutional racism” become morphed into the “blame Bush” baloney, the evident desperation makes the “players” look juvenile and most of all, guilty..  When it comes to liberals like Waters, I can only think of a take on the line “still waters run deep”.  In the case of yet another race baiting shakedown artist trying to avoid prison, “shrill Waters run shallow”..

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