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OUTRAGE!  Ground Zero Mosque To Open on 9/11 Anniversary!
Political Correctness item by Rev. Austin Miles - Aug 10, 2010

Yes, you read that right. The 13 story mosque to be built on the Ground Zero location has been approved and is set to begin construction work, with the Grand Opening scheduled for September 11, 2011.  It is to be named The Cordova House which is significant. That name comes from Cordova, Spain that marked one of Islam’s greatest conquests during the Middle Ages. To celebrate the conquest, the Muslims took over the Catholic Church and turned it into a giant mosque.  This is the usual method in which they mark a conquest.

What is worse,  New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg along with other knuckle-headed oatmeal-for-brains officials all approve of this whole package even though this sacred site, where thousands of our citizens were brutally killed,  will be represented as the Arch of Triumph for Islam. And it was carefully planned to have the grand opening of the mosque on the anniversay of their attack on New York and America. Talk about nerve. And Bloomberg, the various boards, and planning commissions are allowing this outrage to take place. Indeed, they are encouraging it. Has a plague of insanity hit this nation?
While this is sinking in, let’s take a look at the letter-copy sent by The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) and just received today.  This letter is being sent to Christians living in a Muslim nation addressed; To:The Family Of Infidels;  IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, AND OF HIS FINAL PROPHET, MUHAMMAD (PEACE BE UPON HIM):

“The true relgion of Islam WILL ARISE in your area; you cannot stop Allah’s will. We have been watching your family; we have seen you go to church and seen you pray to your false god. We know that you are infidels and we will deal with you as our holy Quran declares; In Sura 9 verse 5, it says TO SLAY the idolaters wherever you find them; take them captive and besiege them.

“It also says in Sura 9 verse 29 to FIGHT those who have been given the scripture and believe not in Allah or the Last Day or follow not the religion of truth. If you and your entire family do not leave your false religion and follow Islam, you will be killed. Your sons will be slaughtered and your daughters will become Muslim wives, bearing sons who will fight for Allah in this region. Your ONLY other option is to FLEE TONIGHT. Leave your home and everything behind. It is signed, ALLAHU AKBAR!  Under the name is a picture of a bullet. In an accompanying letter, VOM says that in many cases a real bullet is taped to the warning letter.

This is Islam. The very Islam that killed thousands of civilian New Yorkers and who openly declare that they will take over New York and America, establish Shariah Law, and kill all those who will not convert to Islam. This is who and what the Mayor Betrayer Michael Bloombery sold all New Yorkers out to. Islam is the declared enemy of The United States. Yet Bloomberg has given them virtually the key to the city to open it up to Islamic rule and dictatorship..

First I call out to all construction people and unions to refuse to build their monument to Islamic victory.  Just say NO. A reader of the story in the NY Daily News stated in his response that he is an unemployed electrician and badly needs work. But, he says, I will refuse to take any job that will assist in making this thing a reality. I won’t help build it. I call upon all New Yorkers and all Americans to write letters to the area newspapers and television stations.
Not only should this insane plan be stopped in its tracks, but there should be NO more mosques constructed in America, period!  As for the ones standing, our troops should close them down and bulldoze them like they do our churches.  The only trusted Muslims will be those who renounce Islam. All the rest should be deported without delay.

As far as the Muslim in The White House, forget this idea of enforcing residency laws for all future candidates including presidential candidates beginning with the next election when Obama’s term ends. NO. That is unacceptable. That should take effect NOW!  Immediately. The usurper and imposter should not be allowed to stay one extra day in The Oval Office.  For God’s sake, America, WAKE UP before WE receive a letter like the one quoted in this story.  We did not win World War 2 by coddling the enemy. We won that war by destroying the enemy and by putting enough fear in them that they would never attack us again.

Rev. Austin Miles, a pastor-chaplain, is determined to see America get back to its principles as envisioned by The Founding Fathers. Visit his website at: http://www.revaustinmiles.com

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