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Flipping “The Bird” in America’s Face!
Political Correctness item by J. D. Longstreet - Aug 6, 2010

The Abomination at Ground Zero!
We knew the minute the first reports hit the wires concerning the building of an Islamic mosque on a site so near Ground Zero in New York City, that it would be approved. All one had to do was consider the liberal government of New York City.

Liberals are nothing, if they are not predictable.  We American conservatives have known that for, oh, about two and half centuries.  Our enemies know it, too. And they take advantage of it.

The most current example of intimidating a liberal government into giving them what they want is the mosque at Ground Zero.

Yes, the NYC government is pathetic.  I can think of no other word to better describe their actions.  Well, actually, I CAN, but they are unprintable here.

As a conservative, I have grown deeply weary of being expected to continuously bail the liberals out of trouble in order to save our country.  We have done it for so long, now, that they seem to expect us to be on stand-by every minute of every day to rescue them.  I have often wondered if we simply stopped bailing their butts out, it would force them to be a bit more circumspect with the security of the nation.  But elitism, and arrogance are powerful drugs, especially to liberals and progressives, and I suspect it would take another 250 years for them to realize they are on their own and actually responsible for the welfare of the US.

Look, New York was played like a Stradivarius.  Those behind that mosque knew all they had to do was play the part of a poor, put upon, minority – and a religious one at that, and it would so intimidate the leaders of New York, one of the most liberal cities in the world, they would melt like a skewered marshmallow over a girl scout’s camp fire.  And of course they did just that.  May we suggest that New York City drop the use of the nickname, “The Big Apple,” and immediately adopt “The Big Marshmallow” because it is far more accurate in its description of the reality that is today’s New York City. 

Our politically correct leaders have so bought into the BS about diversity, and inclusiveness, until it has become a sickness.  We have forgotten the scriptural warning that “a little leaven leavens the whole lot.”  We have embraced political correctness until we have devolved from a crucible to a melting pot to a sewer.

The mosque at Ground Zero, just 600 feet from our national wound, is only the latest evidence of the limp-wristed fecklessness of our dangerously naive leaders—at all levels of government.

If any more evidence is required, look only to our southern border.  How much longer will our government look away while an insurgency takes over our southern neighbor, Mexico?  At some point, the US will be required to invade Mexico and TRY to set things aright.  All the while Mexico’s citizens are streaming north into America and into the waiting arms—and pocketbooks—of the clueless citizens of sanctuary cities.

The hard core of America has been diluted by inclusiveness and diversity.  Our leadership is hopelessly naïve, clueless, and pathetically incapable to lead the US as a world power – let alone a world super power.

The mosque at ground zero is nothing more that an “in your face” insult to the American people.  It is grandstanding.  It is an “end zone dance” celebrating a victory over the infidels of the Great Satan, America!  It is adding insult to injury.

New York’s government has brought shame not only on New York, not only on the families of those who lost their lives on 9/11, but on the entire country.  What they did is immeasurably disgusting.

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