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General item by Rev. Austin Miles - Jul 18, 2010

A small earthquake rattled Washington, D.C. yesterday. It’s about time! Interesting that this came after D.C. Government Cops recently ordered a school teacher and her students to refrain from praying on the steps of The Supreme Court… ..Paul the Psychic Octopus of Germany, who as we reported earlier, predicted Spain’s World Cup victory, will be declared an honorary citizen of a Spanish town whose main industry is producing calamari. Sounds suspicious to us/

Rev. Ed Berkey (retired) sent us a photo taken on a street in Austin, Texas showing a sign obviously erected by an Obama supporter concerned with his welfare. The sign states; “Obama, Don’t Go To Arizona—They Ask For Proof of Citizenship.” ...

And this healdine broke this week:  “Phoneix home invaders shot by robbers already in the house!” Yep…three armed men this week had forced their way into a home,and made the occupants lie down pn the floor. The robbery was going well when another armed man forced his way through the front door to rob the house and…the other robbers shot him. Sheesh!....even home invaders are not safe from robbers these days….what a world!...
A famous Mexican singer, El Shaka,  was killed hours after denying he’d died. He sang about the exploits of drug dealers and was shot dead just 3 hours after he gave an interview denying reports that he had been murdered…Michael O’Leary, CEO of Rainair Airlines is going to sell standing room on his flights..yes you heard that right. .According to Irish Central, they are removing 10 rows of seats and two toilets to make more standing room available to sell. So it is only logical that they would add a ‘toilet tax’ charge of $1.50 to use the one toilet left…So how will the standees be safe? Will they strap them to the sides of the plane?  In any case, I think I’ll drive or take the train.

This is a shocking story if not downright bizarre. Dr. Stuart Wiesberg, a psychiatrist in Portland, Oregon is promoting his Dignity House for Terminally Ill Patients who are eligible to take advantage of Oregon’s suicide law. They can book a death for $5000 that looks a lot like a wedding package. A patient would check in at 3 PM, said Wiesberg. “We have music, flowers, catering. “They can bring as many family members as they wish, their pets, their attorney.”  That flat fee, he said,  includes catering, security, vidotaping, music, flowers and for an extra $1200, three hours of psychiatric help from Wiesberg and…the therapy dog.  This is absolutely sick and a sad commentary on our socieity today. So where is the church in all of this?  Let’s find out:.

In church news this last week…The Baptist Church just held a conference called The Great Commission Task Force where they will debate that issue..  The Great Commission, as you know, was given by Jesus before he departed, saying that “These things Shall Follow them that believe: In My name shall they cast out demons; ..they shall speak with new tongues, they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it shall not hurt them’ they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. (Mark 16:17)” So why the debate? ..While Baptist Press did detail the fundraising for each of the areas of the Great Commission they will discuss and debate, I can’t help but wonder if they discussed the actual function of the Great Commission and the application of those gifts?....
In other church news, 40 percent of evangelical leaders said they ‘socially drink’ alcohol…I didn’t think preachers were supposed to drink!... The Presbyerian Church just voted that active homosexuals can be ordained as pastors to instruct and preach on spiritual purity and godly lives…gotta include everybody. while at the same time they voted to boycot the State of Arizona—in other words not booking their national conventions in that state—for upholding a federal law regarding legal immigration…and this one really threw us for a loop: A “Christian” Chaplain wants Jesus out of the Air Froce Adacemy. The chaplain at the U.S. Air Force Adacemy in Colorado Springs complained that the school’s administration has a ‘systemic and pervasive’ pdroblem of promoting religious values with a Christian bent.” (?)  The “chaplain,” Capt. Melinda Morton, a “Lutheran minister” complained about too much religion at the military academy is creating waves, and she earned her hero status in a report in the New York Times .We should have figured that out. I’ve said it before and I will say it again..ahhhh..never mind!

Also in Washington, D.C. Federal Judges ruled that traditional marriage, between a man and a woman is unconstitutional since it discrimintates against same sex couples. How’s that again?  I suppose that means that since I am a male, that my very presence discriminates against females..I’ve gotta take a walk…I’m getting a headache…churches, pastors, chaplains…. what is your purpose and commission?  Please think about this.

To close with some more cheery news, check out this video: “Tiny Black Puerto Rican Woman Tames New York”  Here’s an example of a REAL pastor.

Rev. Austin Miles is an on-the-go pastor/chaplain in Northern California who despite his hectic schedule, gets a kick out of life. Visit his website at: http://www.revaustinmiles.com

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