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RINO McCain Confirms: Border Security Just More “Bait and Switch”
RINO's item by John W. Lillpop - Aug 7, 2013

Americans have put up with 27 years of lies and abuse about illegal immigration…

When the Gang of Eight modified the Senate Amnesty bill to include beefed-up security at the US-Mexico border, truly naïve folks, including some otherwise intelligent US Senators, decided to support the measure and, thus, it passed the US Senate.

The vote tally was Mexico 68, USA 32.

More cynical folks thought the added security measures were no more than bait and switch politics played by Democrats looking to grow the Democrat base, and enabled by foolish Republicans too blind to see the obvious.

After all, the last time a major immigration amnesty bill was approved, the Immigration Reform and Control Act(IRCA) in 1986, IRCA was supposed to end the devastating invasion of America from third-world Mexico and other impoverished Latin states. Americans were promised that the border would be secure and that employer sanctions and deportation policy would ensure that illegal aliens were kept out and or removed as soon as possible.

Twenty-seven years later, perhaps as many as 20 million additional invaders have come to America and taken up illegal residence. Enforcement of IRCA has been non-existent in both Republican and Democrat administrations.

This despite the fact that America was attacked on September 11, 2001, an attack that should have caused the borders to be sealed on September 12, 2001, and should have caused the Bush administration to immediately search out and forcibly remove the tens of millions of invaders whom we knew (and still) know nothing about.

Instead, George W. Bush was infatuated with the notion that illegal aliens were “good hearted, hard-working” folks who, despite their criminal antics, deserved a break.

Barack Obama added to the carnage by going out of his way to ignore the law and by employing Janet Napolitano as DHS honcho. Her reign of terror saw the DHS promoting illegal aliens as “Newly Arrived Refugees,” rather than invading criminals.

Not to worry, Republicans of dubious conservative stripes advised. The next Amnesty will be tough on border security, they promised. No more 1986 folly!

Again, the vote for the latest Amnesty scheme was Mexico 68, America 32.

As it turns out, weasels like John McCain are counting on tough border measures to be removed during the process of reconciliation between the Senate travesty and the yet- to- be- hatched nonsense from the US House.

McCain’s evil scheme was reported here:

The surge of 20,000 new enforcement agents that would be deployed as part of the Senate immigration bill that passed earlier this year is unnecessary to secure the border, Arizona Sen. John McCain, one of the lead Republicans on the bipartisan immigration task force that co-authored the bill, said Tuesday.

Speaking at a forum sponsored by the AFL-CIO in Washington, D.C., McCain said he voted for the bill that included the provision of additional agents so that those skeptical about the bill’s effectiveness “would have comfort” that the border would be secured.

“I’ll give you a little straight talk. We don’t need 20,000 additional border enforcement agents,” McCain said at the union forum, where he joined California Democratic Rep. Xavier Becerra. “But what we do need is to use the technology that has been developed where we can surveil the border more effectively.”

The Senate bill would effectively double the number of border agents and increase funding for enforcement. The bill passed the Senate in June with bipartisan support, and lawmakers are currently debating a version of immigration reform in the Republican-majority House.”

Those who know and understand the likes of John McCain, Lindsey Graham and other RINOs should not be surprised:

RINOs differ from Democrats only when it comes to transparency: Democrats readily admit that they oppose any security measure that would prevent more criminals from invading; RINOs like McCain lie and double- talk the issue and count on the reconciliation process to safeguard the interests of illegal aliens….and to hell with America!

John McCain’s words, and the recent announcement that the DHS cannot account for one million foreigners in the nation, should be enough to put a dagger through the heart of the Amnesty canard of 2013!

Americans have put up with 27 years of lies and abuse.

Time to secure the borders, deport the illegals, and respect American sovereignty and the rule of law!

Amnesty MUST BE DEFEATED in the US House and rejected in total!

© Copyright by John Lillpop, 2013. All rights reserved.


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