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Ann Coulter and Illegal Aliens
Immigration/Border item by Barbara Anderson - Mar 26, 2013

The Republican Party is thinking they have to issue amnesty, because it’s popular in some circles.  One party stalwart says that is the wrong approach.  That would be Ann Coulter.

Ann showed up at CPAC, to speak.  Senator Rubio took heat right away, for supporting “amnesty”.

Rand Paul has joined the amnesty bunch, just recently declaring his plan.  It seems inordinately generous.  He wants 11 to 19 million to live permanently in the U.S.  One year after Congress passes the amnesty, illegal aliens can start getting work permits to compete directly in the legal job market with Americans.

New illegal aliens, rewarded by the amnesty, will continue to have open jobs in the U.S., because Paul opposes mandatory e-verify and other means to keep employers from hiring illegal aliens.  Nowhere in his speech does he show his concern for the 26 million would-be workers in America.  Nowhere are the millions who want jobs.

Let’s get real.  Do you think illegal aliens are going to vote for Republicans?  It takes years to get voters to change their minds about voting, especially Hispanics.  Republicans can try to get that vote, but it won’t come for several years.

Rand Paul and Marco Rubio have never learned the lesson.  In 1986 it was promised by Ronald Reagan that illegals would not be a burden on taxpayers, it would be a one-time amnesty, and the border would be closed.  Now, the taxpayers are paying for illegals, the one-time amnesty is forgotten, and it definitely is not closed by the border.

In 1954 Operation Wetback was launched by President Eisenhower. President Hoover and President Truman sent two million home, and Eisenhower sent millions more.  History has fogotten these presidents.  They had a border that worked.

Do you think that Janet Napolitano is going to close the border?  She thinks the border is as good as it’s ever been.  Which is wide open at spots.  She may say up and down that the border is secure, but she is not interested in border security.  Ask Arizona.  Ask her about the Border Patrol being furloughed.

I don’t hear any pleas to get the border closed before the amnesty.  Several have said it must be closed.  Where are the Senators demanding it?
Ann sized up the results of offering amnesty, saying if amnesty passes California, no Republican “will ever win another national election”.  She can see why Democrats would want amnesty, but Marco Rubio and the “endless Bushes” should not want to be for amnesty.

At least Ann calls illegal aliens what they are.  They are not a triviality called undocumented immigrants.

“I no longer support Christie in 2016.  I’m a one single voter against amnesty.  So, Christie is off the list.”  Ann added a short time later, that Ted Cruz is on the list.

At the mention of Cruz’ name, the audience exploded with applause.

Let’s hope that Cruz will have more sense and not give the millions of illegal aliens amnesty just because they want it.

What of the millions of illegals now?  Their wages are poor.  But, they are Mexican, mostly.  In 2009 Mexican workers in America, many of which were illegal aliens, sent home $21.2 Billion to Mexico.  The government got rid of their jobless people, and gained a $21.2 income.  It was a win-win for Mexico.

© Copyright by Barbara Anderson, 2013. All rights reserved.

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