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Illegal Aliens Already Have a Country:  Mexico
Immigration/Border item by Barbara Anderson - Feb 10, 2013

Obama is getting ready for a big push on illegal immigration.  The only problem is that those illegal aliens already have a country of there own, and it’s NOT America. 

There are 23-million (estimated) people out of work in this country.  Those millions of jobless people need work, and yet Obama says we want to give illegals the right to work, forgetting about those who need food, clothing and everything that comes with a salary.  In addition 96.6 million illegals are on the dole for Medicare.  Medicare funding is already under attack for legal citizens.  Your Medicare and mine may not be there when we need it, because according to Obama, Medicare will be given to illegal aliens.

The Dream act is now working against legal residents.  The dirty little secret is that those illegals we give tuition breaks, takes away from those who are American citizens.  It never ends there.  Many legal students will have to compete with illegals.  That should never have to happen.  America isn’t a country that can allow just anybody to immigrate, as much as we would like to bring them in.  As the illegals become more accustomed to being able to live here legally, they will become more pushy.  Their mothers and sisters and fathers and brothers will demand, if they haven’t already, to have ALL their family members brought in too.  A chain reaction is sure to come.

The border is basically wide open.  More are pouring in every day.  No mention is made of this fact.  The cartels have access to the interior.  Nobody knows how many illegals are in our country.  Nobody cares, from Obama, to Eric Holder, to Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security.  Ask Arizona about the border.  Janet Napolitano stands in the way of enforcement.  Napolitano claims the border is secure, and will not move to require enforcement.  How can we make an assessment on such flimsy information?

Illegals are not the ‘cream of the crop’.  We should be allowed to turn down those who can’t read and speak the language.  Most of those here are ill-educated and have little or no English language skills.  How long does it take to learn English?  The poorly educated won’t be capable of learning English quickly.  Do we want so many struggling and poorly educated people in our country?

The names being mentioned are from the North mainly, and seem not to have a deep interest.  They are interested in illegals because they hope to gain votes.  Let me tell you, no amount of pandering to illegals will bring them votes.  How long will it take for them to vote Republican?  When given the long list of government gimmes, it will take a long time to turn them around.  The democrats are salivating, anticipating the vote.  Republicans, those pushing illegal immigration, Senators Rubio, Senator John McCain, and Senator Lindsey Graham, are already on board.

For the Democrats are Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin and Bob Mendenez.  Senator Menendez is under investigation having to do with under the age of sixteen in prostitution.  Michelle Malkin reports:  “The women, who accused Menendez of stiffing them out of their pay, said they feared retaliation, because they ‘know the kind of people (we’re) dealing with’”.  The senators mentioned here are far left partisans, and I can’t believe that there are other senators who will want to have anything to do with them.

I’m especially disappointed with Senator Rubio, who has been hailed as presidential timber.  If he continues on his pro-illegal path for his party, his reputation will evaporate.  When people realize how massive the number of illegals are, taking the jobs they need, they will turn against him.  They will realize that Senator Rubio has made his choice, amnesty and that their needs should come before legal people.

The IRS has just claimed that each and every family will eventually be assessed $20,000 per year for Obamacare.  Who will pay that?  Not illegals, I am betting.  As usual, the American taxpayer will pay their own assessment and pick up the cost for the illegals.  Each and every family will be hard pressed to pay what the IRS has predicted the Obama’s health care will eventually cost.

Without much media notice, Obama has required budget reductions, undoing the massive employee increases of the past ten years.

This isn’t a parlor game.  It’s not a vague optimism.  They are real honest-to-goodness people.  The president in 1986 signed the Simpson-Mazzoli bill.  It was given for amnesty.  The most recent vote was turned down the last time we were allowed to vote, the people giving a no vote.  Many more illegals have since poured in, so the vote will probably bring even more.  We should have a vote before we are stampeded into a serious mistake.  Let’s remember, twenty-two million people want to work, to eat and clothe their families, and need to earn a salary.  Taking away the livelihoods from American workers, leaving fewer jobs and opportunities, will continue the suffering.  Is it worth it?

How does the average voter feel about amnesty?

The Center for Immigration Studies says a majority voted:  52% to go home, 33% to obtain legal status.

What does the president of Mexico feel about amnesty?  Not much has been said, but what he has said, he thinks it is fine.  And, why not?  In 2009 Mexican workers, many illegal aliens, sent home $21.2 Billion.  A win-win for Mexico.  He got rid of the non-productive and gained $21.2 Billion.  Unfortunately, that $21.2 Billion went directly to Mexico from America.

Illegal aliens already have a country…Mexico.

Barbara Anderson lives on the West Coast. Things that are important to her are: God, family, country, heritage and borders. She is an independent “political junkie”. Besides writing, she enjoys music, painting, and song-writing.

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