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Urgent Need for Common Sense to ‘Occupy Obama!’
ObamaNation item by John W. Lillpop - Oct 29, 2011

What with all of the ‘Occupy This, and Occupy That!’ jargon being tossed about these days, it appears that a vast wasteland of Unoccupied Space is simply not receiving appropriate attention.

That would be the vacant space between the humungous ears of President Barack Obama, America’s bungling President.

Barack Obama, the One who wasted one trillion dollars of taxpayer money on farcical ventures like Solyndra and has the audacity to call such waste a ‘stimulus;’

Barack Obama, who fired more than 150 Tomahawk missiles into Libya, but then claimed exemption from the War Powers Act because hostilities were not involved;

Barack Obama, who claims that 30 million people can be added to the ranks of insured through ObamaCare, an act he also claims will reduce overall health care costs;

Barack Obama, who mercilessly attacked Republicans for not passing his “Jobs Act Bill,” when the Democrat Senate failed to take the matter up in a timely manner, and then failed to pass it;

Barack Obama, who accused Republicans of wanting to use ‘moats and alligators’ against illegal aliens, but whose own Justice Department shipped AK-47s to drug cartels in Mexico, which led to the murder of a U.S. border patrol agent and countless Mexican civilians;

Barack Obama, who committed the U.S. to war in Libya for “humanitarian” purposes, but who was unavailable when it came to far worse human atrocities in Syria;

Barack Obama, who in the waning days of 2010, agreed to extend the Bush tax cuts and did so to avoid killing jobs in a fragile recovery, but who, eight months later, demanded huge tax increases to stimulate job growth;

Barack Obama, who in executing the “smart” war in Afghanistan, did so with such incompetence that the Afghan president now vows to support Pakistan should war break out between the U.S. and Pakistan;

Barack Obama, who promised to usher in a “post-racial” era in American politics but who has countenanced the most corrupt and racially-prejudiced Attorney General in U.S. history;

Barack Obama, who in concert with his equally clueless Vice President, hailed the Summer of Recovery in 2010, only to cite a national fiscal crisis in calling for an additional $454 billion in stimulus funds in 2011;

Barack Obama, who pulled the plug on the ‘dumb war’ in Iraq, and proceeded to immediately send troops to Uganda where a vital national U.S. interest has never existed and never will, except when it comes to reversing Obama’s untoward actions there.

Occupy Obama! An urgent need for common sense and American ingenuity!

John W. Lillpop is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.


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