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FED UP with RINOs from Texas!
RINO's item by John W. Lillpop - Sep 24, 2011

In 2010, Governor Rick Perry(R-Texas) authored a book titled FED UP!, which chronicles the Governor’s anger and frustration at Washington, D.C. and what he sees as the deliberate usurping of the rights and liberties of American citizens by Washington bureaucrats.

From all appearances, Perry is the quintessential conservative, the go-to man when it comes to poking holes in the flawed logic of moon bat liberals who favor big government.

Unfortunately, upon further investigation, Perry’s conservative credentials are blemished, almost to the point of extinction, by virtue of his very liberal views on illegal aliens.

At the GOP Presidential debate in Orlando, Florida on September 22, Perry said:

  If you say that we should not educate children who come into our state for no other reason than that they’ve been brought their through no fault of their own, I don’t think you have a heart,” Perry said. “We need to be educating these children because they will become a drag on our society. I think that’s what Texans wanted to do. Out of 181 members of the Texas legislature when this issue came up [there were] only four dissenting votes. This was a state issue. Texas voted on it. And I still support it today.

Perry’s outrageous statement made it clear that he is another Texas RINO who simply does not respect the rule of law and American sovereignty.

Consequently, I have decided to publish my own book titled, FED UP with RINOS from Texas!, which chronicles my rage at cowboys from Texas who somehow manage to steal the White House based on false claims and who subsequently sell out the American people to the failed state of Mexico.

Excerpts from my masterpiece follow:

Dear Governor Perry:

Patriotic Americans all across our great land are flying the American flag upside down this morning, at least metaphorically, to signify our severe disappointment at your performance during the Republican debate in Florida on September 22.

Our ire was aroused by your position on illegal aliens which we believe to be “naive, arrogant, misguided, and dangerous.”

At issue is nothing less vital than homeland security, rule of law, American sovereignty, and preservation of American language and culture, all of which are threatened by those who propose to coddle illegal aliens and reward these criminals with in-state tuition and other lures that will only attract tens of millions more invaders to our blessed nation.

Just to make sure that our views are clearly understood, please be advised that we the people are FED UP with the attempt to undermine American sovereignty, homeland security, and culture.

In short, we the people are:

FED UP with the refusal of the federal government to secure our borders at time of war.

FED UP when armed Mexicans illegally cross our borders and assault Americans, yet our government takes no action, and refuses to even protest.

FED UP when Americans defending the U.S. from drug smuggling illegal aliens are sent to federal prison, while invading criminals are to be forgiven via amnesty for violating our borders and laws.

FED UP with the fact that upwards of 20 million illegal aliens are currently in America, costing taxpayers at least $110 billion dollars every year.

FED UP with a president who orders thousands of young Americans into harm’s way thousands of miles from home, but who refuses to secure America.

FED UP with politicians who refuse to enforce immigration laws and who claim it is “impossible” to deport criminals here illegally.

FED UP with illegal aliens who can not and/or will not speak English.

FED UP with taxpayer dollars being wasted to print documents in foreign languages.

FED UP with illegal aliens who dump their medical bills on the backs of U.S. taxpayers, but who send $30-40 billion a year back to Mexico each year.

FED UP with the fact that providing free medical services to illegal aliens drives hospitals out of business, making those facilities unavailable to American citizens for whom the medical centers were intended.

FED UP with our schools being invaded by non-English speaking children who impede the learning process of students who genuinely belong here.

FED UP with the fact that federal, state, and local penal systems are overrun by illegal aliens, again costing taxpayers billions each year.

FED UP with the fact that the overwhelming majority of felony crimes being investigated in Los Angeles have been committed by illegals from Mexico.

FED UP with politicians who refuse to round up and deport millions of illegal aliens who are destroying American culture and language.

FED UP with politicians who pamper illegal aliens with driver’s licenses and free public services such as in-state tuition, which encourage even more invaders to come to America.

FED UP with the attempted Mexicanization of America. Mexico is a third - world slum, and we are FED UP with those who want America to be like Mexico!

Finally, we the people are FED UP with those who consistently work on behalf of illegal aliens and the state of Mexico, and against the interests of the American people!

Please know that because of your RINO support for illegal aliens, we cannot support your candidacy.



John W. Lillpop is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.


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