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ObamaNation item by JB Williams - Sep 24, 2011

A young black man by the name of Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. was just voted the 2011 winner of NBC’s national talent competition, America’s Got Talent. Landau was from across the tracks, a car washer by trade. But he was a car washer who took pride in an honest living and had always dreamt of becoming a famous singer and now, he is one.

Landau is a great example of a good and decent young American man, husband and father who kept his family going by washing cars as he dreamt of a better future.

Landau was elected the 2011 winner of America’s Got Talent (AGT) by the American people. Not because he is black, but because he is the classic personal achievement rags to rich’s story that Americans deeply relate to and love, as an example of what possibilities make America the greatest nation on earth.

Without any affirmative action favors at all, Landau ascended from career car washer to millionaire singer and Las Vegas headline act, all on his own steam, driven by his own dream. That’s as American as it gets and race played no factor in it whatsoever.

Landau didn’t ask people to make him the first black male winner of America’s Got Talent. He just asked for the chance to prove to America what he was capable of and man was he capable.

Landau is an untrained singer who had never performed before an audience before auditioning for AGT. America immediately embraced him, not because he was black, but because he was born with golden pipes and all he needed was a chance to shine. That’s the classic American story…

Landau’s natural talent and his personal likeability factor (X Factor) were undeniable from the start. My wife and kids became Landau fans at his first audition, as did I. Like the rest of America that supported Landau all the way to victory, my family could not have cared less what color Landau was or what job he held to keep his family going while pursuing his personal version of happiness.

Landau represents all good and decent American citizens of all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds. Landau is living the American dream and he has proven that the dream is still alive and well for all Americans, no matter race.

Now, compare Landau to Barack Hussein Obama II.

Barack Obama was not elected president of the United States because he was extraordinarily talented. He was not elected president due to his life-long history of personal achievements. In fact, Obama had never even held a job washing cars or flipping burgers before being elected president of the United States. Obama’s résumé was completely blank before entering politics and remains largely blank even after.

Barack Obama’s campaign was based entirely upon “making history” by electing the first “black” president. His campaign for the highest office in our land was not based upon his résumé, which is completely void of any personal accomplishments. It was based upon his alleged race, and I say alleged race because Barack Hussein Obama is not actually a “black” American, although that’s the way his story was fashioned to create a race challenge in the 2008 election. No man with a Caucasian parent is a “black” man.

Barack actually does have a certain likeability factor, a boyish charm, for folks attracted to shallow trained personality traits, like the good ole boy down the street that it’s always fun to swap jokes with over a beer, but whom you would otherwise never take seriously.

Had Landau not won AGT, I doubt that there would have been any claims that it was due to his race, especially from Landau himself. But every time someone disagrees with Obama’s Marxist political policies, they are accused of racism.

Landau and Obama are exact opposites…

·      Landau actually is a black man. Obama is not…

·      Landau is a decent hard working American. Obama is not…

·      Landau expected no special favor due to his race. Obama hides behind the race card every day…

·      Landau has an obvious set of talents. Obama does not…

·      Landau’s dream is entirely American. Obama’s dream is Marxism…

·      Landau is a good and decent husband and father. Obama’s family was manufactured for political expedience…

·      Landau was untrained. Obama has been carefully groomed since birth…

·      Landau only wanted an opportunity. Obama is destroying opportunity in America…

·      Landau is a self-made success. Obama is a Saudi-made disaster…

·      Landau has a real birth certificate and only one social security number, both of which match his identity… Obama has no birth certificate and many social security numbers, none of which match his identity.

When the people elected Barack Obama in 2008, they had been tricked into believing that Barack Obama was a Landau Murphy - A self-made successful black American with personal achievements worthy of respect and support. Now we know different…

Barack Obama is not black, he is not American, he is not decent or honest, he has no personal achievements on his résumé and he has no valuable talents.

As a result, the American people now reject Barack Obama. Not due to his alleged race, but rather due to the fact that he is a total fraud with no background worthy of support and a political track record that makes Jimmy Carter look smart.

Landau Murphy is the real deal. He represents what every American can and should be, no matter race, creed or color. Obama represents the very worst we sometimes find in society - A career parasite, living on the life blood of others.

Landau is a winner! Obama is a loser!

Americans love self-made winners because they see themselves in that winner. They know that in America, every dream can come true so long as the government does not take away our freedoms and liberties to pursue those dreams.

I actually do feel bad for the manner in which the black community has been systematically exploited by the political left for decades now, and tricked repeatedly into supporting ideas and politicos that never fail to do them the most harm. But they have to wake up and smell the coffee sooner or later… they can’t remain easy to exploit forever.

Learn from Landau, not Obama.

Landau’s in… Obama’s out in 2011…

JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world. He is also a Founder of The United States Patriots Union and a staunch conservative actively engaged in returning the power to the right people in America.

Web site 1: http://www.PatriotsUnion.org

Web site 2: http://www.VeteranDefenders.org

Archive Site: http://www.jb-williams.com/

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