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The Biggest Flip-flop Yet…John McCain
RINO's item by Barbara Anderson - Jun 29, 2010

John McCain has perpetrated the flip-flop of the century. McCain has never been in favor of borders. He likes illegal aliens. Now, he has flipped again. Only now he is for the Arizona law.

He has embraced the nickname of “maverick”. What does that mean? He goes against the grain. McCain said in June 2008 “My principles and my practices and my voting record are very clear. Not only from 2000 but 1998 and 1992 and 1986. And, you know, it’s kind of a favorite ploy, now opponents use, of saying the person has changed. Have I changed position on some specific issues because of changed circumstances? I would hope so! I would hope so!”


Let us examine the partnersip of Ted Kennedy and McCain. The only hesitancy about joining Kennedy in the amnesty fight, lay in the desire to be president.

Senator DeMint said that it appeared to be leaning that Republicans
would not accept the proposal to give amnesty until the borders are secured. A McCain spokeswoman said he had not deviated from his position on immigration.

While he campaigned, he maintained his position on amnesty.

“We have to have a comprehensive approach to reform, which means a temporary worker (program) as well as securing our borders, as well as addressing the 12 million people who are here illegally, in both in a comprehensive a humane fashion.”

I don’t know where they get the number of 12 million. It has been 12 million for years. It is more likely 20 to 25 million.

Here is where his heart lies. It is time to campaign again, so he is against amnesty and against illegal aliens. He is smart and knows which way the wind blows. He reads the polls, which are overwhelmingly against amnesty.

The drug cartels along our borders are getting more brazen. McCain could have been instrumental in stopping the drug trade. Too bad he didn’t care about the kids ruining their lives.

Too bad he didn’t come easily to his position. Too bad the hordes of people that have been allowed into this country. Just for practical purposes, think of fewer people. Think of the fewer cars on the roads, clogging the freeways. Think of the fewer people using food, clothing and hospitals.

Think of the millions of dollars sent to Mexico. Alone, It is estimated at $25 Billion dollars. Those dollars go South never to return. The people here are yearning for more jobs. Those jobs could have been sent to help our American economy. Think of food, clothing, and sustenance.

Now that our economy is so bad, each job is precious. The more jobs the illegal aliens take, the less jobs Americans have.

Most importantly, think of the people who have been killed on our highways. More have been killed on our streets and highways than have been killed in the war. There are consequences involved in making McCain’s push for amnesty.

The recent proclamation from John McCain is to “complete the dang fence.” Not very convincing.

There is a man who wants McCain’s job. That man is J.D. Hayworth. He has always been against amnesty. No question in his loyalties.
You don’t have to worry about borders. No flip-flopping there.

John McCain is against amnesty……today. What will he be tomorrow?

Barbara Anderson is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

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