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Bursting of the ObamaMania Bubble—Except Among Sleeper Cells and Illegal Aliens!
ObamaNation item by John W. Lillpop - Aug 31, 2011

Just 36 short months ago, Barack Obama was touted as the greatest thing to visit humankind since the invention of microwave popcorn and other high-technology marvels which continue to amaze and fatten.

He was so charismatic and in possession of such superior intelligence and judgment it was widely held that electing Barack would automatically solve the most gnawing problems confronting the human species.

Worried about global warming? Barack would fix it!

Concerned about economic recession and unemployment? Turn those concerns over to Barack!

Fretting over racial discord? Not to worry. because Barack would usher in an age of “post-racial” life, thereby putting flesh and bones on the Martin Luther Dream.

Scared witless over terrorism? Chill out, dude: Obama will talk to our enemies, destroy all weapons in the world, and everything will be just fine.

Fearful of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Barack has the solution!

And so it was with every major issue confronting the world.

The message was: Install Barack Obama as President of the United States and then just relax and watch love and understanding transform life as we knew it!

ObamaMania was supposed to be an emphatic answer to the searing Rodney King question from years ago, “Can’t We all just get along?”

Barack would answer “Yes, brother!” and would show the way to peace, prosperity, and post-nasal drip, all in one monster morphing of superman and the Messiah, said figure operating out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in DC.

Somehow, America and the world bought into the ObamaMania scam and before one could scream ‘WHERE’S THE VETTING?’, Barack was headed to the White House, with Michelle and her personal staff of 30 in tow.

Once the din and chatter of adoration from among the mainstream media had subsided, the world made a stunning discovery: This Obama dude was a first-class fraud!

He was only slightly more intelligent than average.

His judgement was not unlike that of an puberty-anxious school girl desperately seeking approval in every venue.

His grasp of reality was warped by simplistic romanticism which lead to slogans like “Change and Hope!” “Yes we can!” and trillion dollar “stimulus” packages, failures all!

All in all, Barack turned out to be a silver-tongued orator who was completely clueless and useless when it came to anything more substantial than delivering pretty, but empty, speeches, aided and abetted by made-for- dummies teleprompters!

However, since slightly after noon on January 20, 2009, the world has gradually caught up with this poser, Barack Hussein Obama.

His list of adoring constituents has been dramatically downsized by the rigors of reality.

Catholics, Jews, white independents, the young, the old, and everyone in between has finally seen the light, and the newly accepted truth is this:

There is NO halo circling the head of this man with an ego the size of Hawaii and Alaska combined!

Even Maxine Waters rolled up her sleeves and started throwing punches in the direction of the deposed Messiah!

On and on it goes, as Obama’s approval rating falls closer and closer to the levels posted by W., the real causative factor for all of mankind’s travails!

Over and out seems to be the general consensus with regard to the ObamaMania bubble, EXCEPT among illegal aliens and sleeper cells!

Obama’s good standing among illegals is simple enough and quite understandable: A goodly percentage of this demographic are Barack family members!

When it comes to sleeper cells, as reported in part, Obama’s support is holding steady: 

  “A majority of U.S. Muslims are content with the nation’s direction in contrast to many Americans and few Muslims believe there is support for Islamic extremism here, a survey released on Tuesday found.

  With the 10th anniversary of the al Quaeda attacks on New York and the Pentagon approaching, the Pew Research Center found that most Muslims felt ordinary Americans were friendly or neutral toward them.

  In contrast to the majority of the general public dissatisfied with the nation’s direction, 56 percent of the estimated 2.75 million American Muslims said they are satisfied, the survey showed. Seven out of 10 view President Barack Obama’s tenure favorably.”

Seventy percent approval among terrorists and terrorist sympathizers for The One?

Hell yes. Allah Willing!

John W. Lillpop is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.


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