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Immigration/Border item by Larry Wilke - Aug 22, 2011

Just as OWEbama finished heaving his grubby gripsacks onto “Air Farce (I Am) Number One” for vacation/getaway/golf game number 1,650, the rest of the leftists left behind in “Pelosi’s Swamp” continued to inflict the Bolshevik blueprint upon the nation.  Back in January of 2009, the left knew that they had a “window of opportunity” available to them that was going slam closed upon their fascist fingers with the mid term election of 2010.  The last of their progressive portholes will be welded shut in November of 2012, so they still, as OWEbama often says, “have a lot of work left to do”, “left” being the crucial word..

One of the areas in which the collectivist caliphate has been deficient has been in the area of granting a blanket AMNESTY to the millions of ILLEGAL aliens inhabiting/invading this country.  After all of the helium filled promises made to the Hispanics during “Hot Air America 2008”, Obama breezed the “National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials” (Yet another of the “we want to be “separate’ but we want to be ‘equal’ too” groups..) every year since his pontification.  According to the National Journal of July 25, 2011, Obama crowed to the crowd at the National La Raza (The Race) confab that “he has fallen short of his campaign promises to Hispanics but blamed a hostile Congress for his problems.  ‘I need a dance partner here and the dance floor is empty..’” 

    Within OWEbama’s demented Democratic world one has to ask, which is “emptier”, Obama’s dance floor or his “ideas”..  OWEbama had no explanation for both his inadequacies and his absences for the first two and a half years of his dictatorship when the Democrats ran everything..  Obama was not-so-subtly saying that Congress has only become “hostile” since the Republicans grabbed the House..  (They’ve had the House for less time than it takes for Michael Moore to wipe out the average buffet line..)  By the same token, even though Obama had no explanation, these Hispanics never thought to ask the question..

    In order to make up for lost time and at a time which strangely coincides with the beginning of the reelection “shampaign”, the administration has begun to “postpone the deportation of illegal immigrants without criminal records..”  (Breitbart 08/19/2011)  Shall we “overlook” the fact that if they are here ILLEGALLY, they already have a “criminal record”? 

    This is being done, according to yet another “unnamed administration official”, “so that they (ILLEGALS) no longer clog the system”..  “The official noted that the government could reopen a case at any given time..”  Might I suggest that this “given time” would be no earlier than AFTER the November election and as far as the left is concerned, they will NEVER be “reopened”.. 

    “We’re going to provide additional guidance to our people in the field when they encounter someone in the country unlawfully..”  This “guidance” can be found in the Obama “Little Red Book of Fairness” on page 387.  It says, “look the other way”..  Or failing that, refer to page 663 which states, “if you encounter anyone who says that they are ‘here to do jobs Americans won’t do’, refer them to any ‘Obama for President’ office so that they can become an ‘undocumented volunteer’”..

    With an “estimated 11 million” ILLEGAL immigrants skulking about America (unless there is a march going on in California somewhere, then you would be able to ‘locate’ about ten million of them..) the Obama administration managed to deport “392,000” ILLEGALS which is a “record”..  Wow, less than FIVE percent of the ILLEGALS kicked out and they are thumping their chests..  That breaks down to about 354 ILLEGALS a day deported since Obama mounted his throne..  That’s about fifteen ILLEGALS every hour..  Someone’s taking way too many coffee breaks..  At that impressive rate, I’ll bet that they could find an entire day’s worth of ILLEGALS just by dropping by any one of Pelosi’s vineyards.. 

    According to New York’s favorite bid cage or cat box liner, the New York Times, Obama is going to “suspend deportation proceedings against illegal immigrants who pose no threat to national security or public safety..” (“Fewer Youths to be Deported in New Policy” 08/18/2011)  The Times certainly knows their audience as the article repeated the entire “public safety” bilge on FOUR occasions. Even Janet “Pat” Napolitano got into the “those who pose a threat” nonsense through a mash note passed to Dick “Turban” Durbin.

    As a matter of fact, several of the liberals more important “points” were repeated over and over within the body of this article. It seems that the Times understands that when the bulk of your “readers” are the constantly “recreationally medicated” of the left, you had better repeat yourself a lot if you want your propaganda to sink in..  Indoctrination passed off as “journalism” needs such constant reinforcement with the Bolshevik burnouts..

    Obama wants “prosecutorial discretion” so that these geniuses can “focus on cases involving criminals and people who have flagrantly violated immigration laws..”  We have the “the definition of ‘is’” people now defining “flagrantly”..  The hair splitting of the liberal’s definitions of severity have no bearing on the overwhelming fact that if you are here ILLEGALLY, you have “violated immigration laws..”  Which is more “flagrant”, jumping over the fence or crawling under it?  Which is more “flagrant”, swimming into America or sneaking in stuffed into the dashboard of a Buick?  Regardless of the soon to be amorphous and vacillatory “definitions” of “flagrant”, if you have “violated immigration laws” aren’t you therefore a “criminal”? 

    Dick “Turban” Durbin “has argued that ‘these young people should not be punished for their parent’s mistakes.’”  Sending the ILLEGALS, regardless of age, BACK to Mexico for example, is DOING THEM A FAVOR based upon the handiwork of Obama and the liberal Democrats and their focused destruction of America’s economy and the American job market..  On a side note, believe me when I say that EVERY “parent” of today’s liberals SHOULD be “punished”..

    “Obama and Congress has ‘overpromised and underdelivered’ on immigration and other issues of concern to Latino voters..”  Welcome to the Aesop’s Fables of fascism, Obama style.  I’d ask the Hispanics to get in line with everyone else who has experienced broken Obama promises but it seems that the Hispanics are more than just a little impatient when it comes to waiting in line, that’s why so many of them are here ILLEGALLY..

    The last time that I checked Obama’s “Dream Act” was rejected by Congress, “hostile” or not..  Oh wait a second, Obama “back doored” the Act via an “executive order”..  NOW he can “back door” a TOTAL amnesty for his once-forgotten but now remembered ILLEGAL friends! 

    Obama isn’t “granting relief to a whole class of people, but reviewing cases one by one..”  Speaking of “clog the system” just how long will a “case by case basis” take?  Just where will these “case by case” suspects be while they are awaiting their turn, jail, house arrest or the streets of Los Angeles? 

    Who didn’t see this one coming?  “The White House is interpreting ‘family’ to include partners of lesbian, gay and bisexual people..”  Just to add another ironic twist to this “inclusion” of the “twisted”, “J. Kevin Appleby, director of migration policy at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, said the initiative would keep immigrant families together.  ‘It’s consistent with the teaching of the church that human rights should be respected regardless of an immigrants legal status..’”  I’m wondering if anyone asked Appleby about whether the whole “gay” thing which seems a bit more than IN-consistent “with the teaching of the church” is relevant to this issue of ILLEGALS..  Isn’t it more than just a little bizarre that the Christianity hating liberals NOW want the opinion of the “Catholic Church” on the matter of ILLEGAL immigrants.. 

    When the liberals start braying about “human rights”, when they start facetiously fawning over minority “special interest” groups, “compassion” has NOTHING to do with it.  It is ALL about political self preservation..  How can the liberals EVER lay claim to cornering the market on “compassion” when they intentionally suppress and enslave people through their cancerous welfare “benefits”?  How can the liberals sanctimoniously espouse their “compassion” when they have enthusiastically donned the rubber aprons and utilized the suction machines of the abortionist’s abattoir? 

    This “political self preservation” has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that due to the forced absence of last election’s Obama helpers from ACORN, Obama and the liberals have several million votes to either acquire legally or to again manufacture out of thin air..  NOW the Hispanics are “important” again..

    Following the “repeat when necessary” New York Times tradition, “the new policy ‘will not provide categorical relief for any one group’”..  YES IT WILL, this “group” is the ILLEGAL aliens..  This “relief” is another friendly liberal word for AMNESTY.

    According to Roy H. Beck, “the decision to grant work permits was distressing..”  These “work permits” for ILLEGALS might very well effect ANOTHER liberal special interest group, the unions, proving that chumming for votes means that you can’t please everyone..  Then again, with the Democratic decimation of millions of jobs, the granting of “work permits” to anyone in Obama’s America, borders (ILLEGAL alien pun..) on being a cruel hoax and is certainly a waste of paper..

    “People in deportation proceedings stand to benefit most from the new policy..”  No kidding..  They will undoubtedly “benefit” by being rewarded with “benefits” redistributed from the LEGAL middle class.  Obama will “benefit” from all of these votes taken from “back door” ILLEGALS through his “back door” amnesty/executive order.  Those paying these “benefits” for these ILLEGALS who are here siphoning “services”, those who will lose jobs to these ILLEGALS, stand to lose the most..

Larry Wilke is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

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