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The Proper Perspective
ObamaNation item by Larry Wilke - Jul 28, 2011

Relative to all of the puling taking place from the verminous left and their “leader”, the proper perspective is in order..

Obama (now and forever to be called OWEbama..) came into office claiming that he needed to fix “the mess I inherited”..  In placing liberals into higher office, the electorate conceded that the liberals are VASTLY more intelligent than the conservatives.  Therefore by flooding Pelosi’s Swamp with the intellectual titans of the left, the “mess” should have been taken care of in no time flat or at least by this time into his sclerotic socialist administration, serious improvements should have been made to this “mess”..  The results have proven to be otherwise..

    According to the numbers, Bush left office with unemployment at 6.7%.  Obama has raised that number to the “historic” ten percent figure that it has become (and remained virtually static since he began his mischievous malarkey..) nationwide.  According to the liberal shill David Axelrod “when the Bush administration left office, it handed Obama a 1.3 trillion deficit..”  (PolitiFact 01/15/10)  Now Obama, with majorities in both Houses at his disposal since his collectivist coronation, has begun shivering over the fact that he needs to RAISE the debt limit to OVER $14.3 trillion..  Obama, utilizing patented liberal waste and inefficiency, has raised the debt limit by $3.83 billion a DAY..  Bush had to fight not only his own curse of being a fiscal moderate but he had to fight the extremely liberal House and Senate who actually are responsible for “spending”..  Obama and the deeply cerebral liberals had all of their Democratic ducks in a row since January of 2009 so “solving” this “inherited mess” should have been a collectivist cake walk..

    Please note that the WORST of his Marxist meddling, the Health Scare Scam, hasn’t yet begun to place its Democratic drains upon the economy.  With all of these liberals carefully placed into power and by looking at the “results” of their handiwork, are we to conclude that the liberals are actually quite stupid and without any powers of foresight or should we deduce that these “results” are EXACTLY what the liberals had hoped for?  Bolshevik bailouts, silly stimuli (make that stimu-LIES) totalitarian takeovers, NONE of these collectivist cures managed to CREATE jobs or LOWER the Obama deficits, let alone help with the Obama Depression..

    As the time surrounding the “dramatic” debt ceiling “talks” grows shorter, Obama chooses to sabotage the entire process by demanding boat loads of new taxes.  Using Democratic deception, these have been called “revenues”, by any other name they are certain “economy killers”.  As Obama weeps about “jobs” with one of his faces, the other face has tantrums over more taxes to redistribute.  All of this juvenile talk of “shared sacrifice” and “fairness” is nothing more than the convenient liberal buzz words for “redistribution” and “socialism”.  If the Russians couldn’t make socialism work in seventy years worth of trying what, other than megalomania, would make the extraordinarily intellectual liberals believe that they can make it work in two?

    The midterm election took the liberal majority from the House thereby relegating the Progressive Prune to being nothing more than another liberal inhabiting her own “swamp”..  (Amazingly, her personal wealth went up by 67% since Obama took office.. This is the same Pelosi who was “almost too busy” to deal with debt talks..)  The recent phenomenon of the midterm election has been used repeatedly and ineffectively by Obama as the ONLY reason for his inability to “solve the problem that he inherited”..  The reality is that the liberals have had complete control of BOTH Houses since 2006..  And as well, if Obama was so aware of his surroundings while he was courageously voting “present” during his short tenure in the Senate, why didn’t he place legislation on the books addressing the “Bush deficits”? 

    With all of that as your backdrop, Obama went to another of his carefully scrubbed (unlike the attendees..) “town hall meetings”.  This one at the University of Maryland where he addressed a room full of people whose parents were paying their tuition and who have therefore never paid any taxes..  The dance of deception began early..

    “Obama argued that both political parties bore some responsibility..”  Not really..  The Bolshevik “bore” wants everyone to believe that the Republicans have stood in the way of “progressive progress” but the reality is that the Republicans have tried to staunch the arterial bleeding that has been enthusiastically exacerbated by the left.  “He noted that it was GOP policies that launched the nation into two wars..”  Obama forgot to mention his “shadow war” taking place in Libya, a “war” that is unconstitutional but such mundane legalese has never stopped the liberals before..

    “The result is that there’s simply too much debt on America’s credit card..”  AGAIN, WHO has had the “credit card” in their wallets since 2006?  WHO has had the “credit card” in their dirty Democratic hands since January of 2009, using it at such a pace that it is a miracle that it did not burst into flame?  Obama’s answer for this “credit card” business is to beg for more CREDITS to be spent using that same “credit card”..  Does anyone NOT feel that if he gets his wish that he will simply spend those credits as effectively and as efficiently as he has in the past and then beg for a few trillion more a few more months down the road?  After all, he has HIS OWN election coming around the bend and he has many, many millions of votes to buy..  All of this as he demands MORE “revenues” from those whom have no choice but to be a part of this so-called “shared sacrifice”?

    Still bleating the drum..  “Neither party is blameless..”  AGAIN, the DEMOCRATS have created and exacerbated this whole “mess”, trying to tie others in with them simply will not work in 2012.  Obama even tried the “Marxist magical math” of “jobs saved or created” as he unveiled the “indirect tax” of higher interest rates if his extortion demands aren’t met..  The nation is still reeling from all of Obama’s DIRECT taxes, the veiled threat of “indirect” ones isn’t that frightening..

    “The one thing we cannot do is decide that we are not going to pay the bills the previous congresses have already racked up..”  Ewww, almost the truth..  AGAIN, these “previous congresses” are ALL Democratic, all Democratic since 2006..

    Obama noted that “some ‘worthwhile’ programs would need to be cut..”  Whenever this Bolshevik bilge pollutes the air within the room that Obama is squeaking in, it is always followed by the talk of the Republicans punishing “seniors”..  Obama wants the world to believe that the Republicans feel the same way about seniors as the Democrats and their “ObamaScare Death Panels” do..  Obama NEVER mentions his FAVORITE “worthwhile” program, Medicaid, which is paid directly to the unproductive liberal voting base.. 

    “It means that seniors would have to pay a lot more for Medicare, or students would have to pay a lot more for student loans..”  What the licentious liberal really means is, “liberal urchins will have to pay more for their hooch..”  Obama wants to round up the “seniors”, many of whom were snookered in 2008, because he already has the Medicaid vote in the Bolshevik bag, not to mention his liberal lock on the “dead” vote and the “cartoon character” vote..

    Obama whined about “ordinary people” being “hurt”, it “wouldn’t be fair”..  Collectivist compassion always rears its ugly head as soon as an election inches closer..  When the left are the arbiters of what is “fair”, FAIRNESS NEVER has anything to do with the results.  Example: affirmative action..  The title immediately denotes the liberal need to do something “positive” in their jaundiced eyes..  The proper perspective reveals that it is nothing more than discrimination..

    “Obama stressed that his policies were not about ‘punishing’ the wealthy, but about asking those who have prospered over the past decade to so their part..”  It is ALL about “punishing the wealthy”, that is what socialists do..  “This isn’t some wild-eyed socialist position..”  No, it is a very calculated “socialist position”..  AGAIN, the liberals feel that they can “punish the wealthy” (class separation liberalism 101) and at the same time expect those “wealthy” to create jobs within their businesses that Obama can take credit for.  AGAIN, by constantly raising taxes, Obama and the liberals “punishes” the MIDDLE CLASS who would love to consume the products manufactured by the companies owned by the “wealthy”..

    Obama said that the lone remaining obstacle seems to be the Republican controlled House..”  President Reagan flashback: “Well, there you go again..”  The “lone remaining obstacle” is Obama’s REFUSAL to NOT raise taxes during HIS Depression, his REFUSAL to STOP needless wasteful liberal non-job creating spending.  His REFUSAL to stop being a liberal..

    The “obstacle” is Obama..

Larry Wilke is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

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