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You’ll Never Guess Who The Guest Star Is In This Comedy
General item by Rev. Austin Miles - Jun 28, 2010

Mack & Myer For Hire was a comedy series that aired on ABC TV in the 1960’s. Like the old 10 minute two-reel comedies the show starred Joey Faye and Mickey Deems, who played two bungling New Yorkers who opened their own “Odd Jobs Business” and would go wherever they were called to fill in for missing workers. The jobs were varied but the results always the same….disastrous! In this episode, they are hired by Maddox the Magician to be his assistants (after he accidently sawed his assistant in half) for his grand opening performance in New York. See if you can guess who played the part of the magician. The answer will be at the end of the blog.

Here is the link:

A new feature on the Mountain View Christian Center Video Ministry is titled, ‘People—Just Plain People.” This one tells of ANOTHER heroic airline pilot. This one made a huge impact on his passengers and a particular family while transporting the body of a young soldier in his aircraft. We are grateful to Helen Trautman of Pittsuburgh, Pennsylvania, CEO of Results Unlimited, an agency for speakers and Event Planning, for sending this story to us. You can see and hear this incredibly touching story by going to the link below:


Pop up some popcorn and get a cold drink, here is another one that will have you scratching your head, regarding The Personality Of The Shrimp. How’s that again? This will astonish you. Shrimps are more than shrimp cocktails. Also in this video, Angelia Baxter pays tribute to a star coach and his ethics, and you will hear about a famed singer saved from abortion. Don’t miss this one:


This is a favorite of the, People-Just Plain People, programs. The story is told of an elderly man in New Jersey, whose name nobody knew, yet he affected an entire area. Later, on the West Coast, the exact same situation and the exact same seed of greatness arose, this time in a teenager. This shows that anyone, with status or with no status whatsoever can do great things.


The answer.to who played the magician in Mack & Myer For Hire. If you didn’t figure it out, yes, it was me. There were 200 episodes filmed and aired.  A man who had been a fan of that series, Joe Wehberg, got in touch with me to tell me he had the episode I was in. This in itself was remarkable. I thought those films were long lost and had no hope of ever seeing it again.  Joe informed me that most of the prints had been destroyed due to a dispute between producers. He had managed to find about 4 of the original prints one which was the one I did. How he learned who played the magician and then found me was in itself a marvel.

The producer of the series, Sandy Howard was….thrifty…and cut expenses wherever he could, including keeping a standard opening and closing credit roll without editing in the name of the co-stars, which would save him money.. Dom DeLouise made his TV debut in that series…also without a screen credit. The episode I did was filmed in the summer and the producer would not pay for air conditioning in the studio. which was sweltering. We got so hot filming it that all of us got a little dizzy.But it was all worth it. If nothing else, this film proves that I was once young.

Joe is now trying to locate other private collectors in the hopes that he can find all the episodes and do a documentary on the Classic TV Comedies, which this series is now considered to be..If anyone out there has found any of those missing episodes, please get in touch.

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