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Height Saves Life of CHCH Editor!
General item by Rev. Austin Miles - Jul 2, 2011

God knows every life from beginning to end and takes everything in between into consideration. Chip McLean,a founder* and editor of Capitol Hill Coffee House has no doubt that God had His Hand on him on Tuesday June 21st when he almost lost his life in a freak accident during a storm in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Because of the wind and heavy rain, visibility went down to nothing. He slowed down, and a tree crashed down on his Ford Explorer SUV, caving in the driver’s side of the car. McLean was knocked out and bleeding.

College student, Tim Gayton, 19, saw it happen, stopped, rushed over to the vehicle and broke a window to get him out to safety.

In an email to me, Chip said that he was still sore and tired, but otherwise OK. “Someone was looking out for me that night” he wrote.

You bet He was! Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.”

God sees every life from start to finish. When he sees something ahead that will be harmful to one of his children, he sends His Spirit ahead to that future happening, surrounds it making it become His will and then brings good out of it.

Chip’s height seemed to have been orchestrated before his birth. He was 5 feet 6. Had he been taller, six feet or more, he would have been killed. And there is no doubt that God sent that young college student, at that precise moment, to rescue him from the crushed vehicle.

Chip was right in his email when he said, “Someone was looking out for me, that’s for sure.” And God was obviously looking after him before he was born.

Chip McLean is still recovering and looking forward to getting his popular news service back up to date.

*Lauren McLean, Chip’s wife, was co-founder with him of Capitol Hill Coffee House.

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