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The Yokes On You
ObamaNation item by Larry Wilke - Jun 15, 2011

The socialist’s stand up comedian was in North Carolina yesterday, clucking and giggling about the conditions that he and his collectivist caliphate have created.  Obama and another of his well compensated “Councils”, this one the “Council on Jobs and Competitiveness”, not to be confused with all of the illegal Obama “Czars”, had quite a Bolshevik belly laugh over their intentional destruction of America..

According to Fox News, (“Obama Jokes at Jobs Council: ‘Shovel Ready was Not as Shovel Ready as we Expected’” 0614/2011) Obama was advised that the delays relative to all of the imaginary jobs from the Scamulous could take “months to years.. and in many cases even cause projects to be abandoned..  I’m sure when you implemented the Recovery Act your staff briefed you on may of these challenges..”  The jocular Obama interjected with, “Shovel-ready was not as..uh..shovel-ready as we expected..”  At this moment, “the Council, led by GE’s Jeffrey Immelt, erupted in laughter..”  Just a few points, if I may..

    The fact that Scamulous projects needed to be “abandoned” was and is irrelevant to Obama and the rest of the liberal administration.  They were and are consumed during this time to making sure that “Scamulous” monies went and goes to imaginary “congressional districts”..  Money “allegedly” went to Arizona, Oklahoma, Iowa, Connecticut, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and even the Northern Mariana Islands for “jobs saved or created” and to congressional districts that didn’t and don’t exist..  No one knows where these millions or billions went or are going..  My guess would be that since Biden was “in charge” of the Scamulous, these lost tax dollars went to his ever burgeoning liquor cabinet..

    Obama was also there to announce “a new program that would train 10,000 new American engineers every year..”  “We’ve got to make sure all our companies have a steady stream of skilled workers to draw from..”  If these new “engineers” are being groomed within the liberal cesspool of the public schools, you won’t even be able to find the stock to make even 10 engineers, let alone 10,000..  As well, “skills” aren’t applicable to the “fairness” standards that the liberal government imposes upon employers.  “Skills” denote “ability” and focusing on “ability” might cause some type of “discrimination”..  Write this “program” off as so many of the other pie in the sky socialist bleating that Obama specializes in..

    USA Today said that Obama “cracked wise”..  The “let them eat cake” attitude of the limousine left has been perfected through their sarcastic “concern” for those that they have manacled to the lowest classes for generations.  Since the collectivist coronation in 2009, they have deviously moved towards adopting this shameful attitude in relation to the middle class which will complete their decimation of the “proletarians” as prescribed by their political potentate Lenin, in order to properly install socialism..  (The liberals themselves represent Lenin’s “bourgeoisie” in Lenin’s “April Thesis”..)  After all, the liberals smirking and clowning on the dais with Obama all have “jobs”, the rest of America be damned.. 

    Next Obama moved to a disingenuous photo-op at a company known as Cree Incorporated, a producer of “energy efficient” (of course..) LED lighting.  Here Obama started ladling on the nonsense as only a liberal dancing on the head of a pin can.  He said that “regulatory change is a major part of his new jobs push..”  This “new jobs push” doesn’t yet have a slick name but, wasn’t the Scamulous and ALL of its illegally obtained tax monies supposed to be a “jobs push”?  This lack of success created the Obama knee slapper of “jobs saved or created”..  Certainly MORE “regulation” brought to you by those who have already created the Obama Depression or the “Democratic Debacle”, if you prefer, will straighten things out..

    “How do we deal with making sure our regulations make sense, so that we start eliminating ones that don’t work?”  NOTHING that Obama has ever forwarded since 2008 has “made sense”, so why should he even mention that possibility now?  If he really wanted to “eliminate” things that “don’t work” he would have to logically start with EVERY program/shell game that he and the liberals have tabled since the inception of the liberal ethos..  As an aside, Obama is all about “don’t work”, he has personally seen to it that ten million Americans “don’t work” and there are no signs of him letting up..

    Keep in mind that Cree has received “more than $12 million in stimulus money and tax credits of $39 million and has added more than 740 jobs..”  Interesting..  “More than?”  Is there some type of liberal allergy to “specifics’?  With that allergy in mind, please be advised that MORE THAN HALF of Cree’s 5,000 employees are based in CHINA.  (Fox News “Obama Talks Jobs, Looks for Votes in North Carolina” 06/13/2011) Logically we should deduce that MORE THAN HALF of these Scamulous monies went to CHINA..  That is an interesting fact considering that North Carolina has an Obama inspired unemployment rate of at least ten percent (10.6)..  One has to wonder what has caused Cree to move MORE THAN HALF of their manufacturing overseas?  No one at this collectivist charade touched on this..

    As Obama was wowing them in North Carolina with his comedic abilities, his other half was out west campaigning and fund raising on the tax payers dime..  Yep, our “Food Fascist” is out in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Oakland and San Francisco..  At the first of these tax payer funded fund raisers, she told of the stress..  “I see sadness and worry that’s creasing his face..”  Awwww..  The inherent failures that are inevitable when implementing socialism would certainly create “sadness and creases’”..  I suppose that he is worried that in just a short time, he might have to pay for his rounds of golf or one of his two hundred vacations a year.. 

    She also claimed that “he reads every word, every memo, so he is better prepared than the people briefing him..  This man doesn’t take a day off..” And you thought that Barack was the comedian in the family..  Just refer to the previously mentioned “briefings” at the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness” lunacy.  Soon after the topic of “briefings” were mentioned, Obama went into his “not so shovel ready” nonsense.  “Doesn’t take a day off”?  Golf, vacations and everything in between..  P.S., for your information Michelle, the people writing the memos are the ones briefing him and based on his “historic” results, no one is or ever was “prepared”..

    Obama even mentioned this morning that his family would have been fine if he “decided against” running for re-election.  “If I said, ‘You know guys, I want to do something different’, they’d be fine..”  The entire NATION would be MORE THAN “fine” as well. 

    I hope that Obama has considered that the nation may make the decision for him come November of 2012.. If Obama wants to do “something different”, why doesn’t he start pursuing capitalism for a “change”..  If he is so antsy to “do something different”, why doesn’t he grab a hammer and team up with his moronic Marxist mentor and build a few clapboard houses with the wrinkly little homunculus from Georgia unless he would rather go back to “community organizing”.. 

    So, Obama was all chuckles about his fabulous failures..  The unfortunate statistics that support the facts surrounding all of his deficiencies also left Obama with more than just a little egg on his face.  While he sat there and laughed at the misery that he has purposefully inflicted, in the end Sir, the yokes on you..  The again, when liberalism is applied in its typical ham fisted leftist manner, the yoke is around our neck for generations to come..

Larry Wilke is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

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