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If you would like to submit an article for possible publication, here are a few simple guidelines:

Articles should be standard column length - around 700-800 words. Exceptions may be made for established writers, but if this is your first submission, please stick to this formula as closely as possible - it will increase your chance of being published. Please include a brief bio. It is also helpful to list some websites where your writing has been published previously.

CHCH is a constitutionalist conservative leaning website, and while we may at times publish articles containing other viewpoints, please remember that our editorial policy is designed to promote that of a limited-government republic, based on our U.S. Constitution, as envisioned by our nation's founders.

When submitting, always put "Submission" in the subject line. Also, be sure to include a title for your article. You may include the article within the body of your e-mail, but attaching a document using Word or notepad is acceptable as well. Please note that our software does not convert embedded links - if you wish to use a hyperlink, you may include them using html formatting.

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The submissions e-mail is:opeds@capitolhillcoffeehouse.com

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