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Capitol Hill Coffee House receives very little in the way of actual advertising revenue. Our one previous major advertiser, a marketing firm that handles accounts for some of the industries' largest firms, decided a couple of years ago to drop all of their smaller websites and concentrate exclusively on the "mega" sites - those getting a million plus pageviews a month. CHCH was not making any real profit before, but we at least were able to cover our operating costs. Since being dropped, CHCH has mainly survived through the financial support of our readers and forum members.

Supporting CHCH helps us to continue to bring a daily cup of conservative joe to you - featuring opinion commentary from some of the best, no-holds-barred supporters of limited government in the nation. We plan on adding more features and resources, and your support can help us continue to be a viable part of the grass roots effort to take our country back.

Donating is easy and secure. Donations are accepted via Paypal and can be also processed with a Credit Card if you don't have a Paypal account.

All contributors will be given credit (unless they request not to be identified).

Previous Contributors

CHCH wishes to acknowledge and express our gratitude to those who have generously kept the dream alive:

Don Hicks, Carl Richards, Michael Bagent, Dave Hoffman, Anastasia Mather, Ken Wilkinson, Laurie Stahl, Hoss Dugger, Jacqueline Hildebrand.

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