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Welcome to Capitol Hill Coffee House, where America meets for conversation about the issues of the day, and more. CHCH presents news, views and living articles from a broad spectrum of conservative thought, published daily Sunday thru Friday (usually).

CHCH was the creation of a husband and wife team known on internet message boards as ChipsLogic and Honey Bunny. One day they got the notion that they wanted to start their own discussion board; one that was a little different than most. One that while it had politics and current issues as its focus, would also include just about any other casual conversation topic. They also wanted a board that would be a little "friendlier" than what was typical of most political message boards. Something resembling the level of conversation at a good coffee house...


Capitol Hill Coffee House was born, and later evolved into a fullscale e-zine. You'll find politics, humor, Christian inspiration and just plain day-to-day living a part of the menu. We thank you for visiting, and hope you’ll choose to do so regularly.

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